The Kingdom in the Workplace

Since Schuber Mitchell Homes was founded in July 2011, Dan Mitchell has served by helping acquire land for future Schuber Mitchell Homes neighborhoods. He currently serves as the CEO of the L.E.A.D (Land Entitlement, Acquisition, and Development) Team, CEO of Land Development Group, and leads and serves within the Ministry Department.

Dan served in youth ministry from 1988 to 2013 through several different organizations, including Christ’s Church of Oronogo. His wife, Donna Mitchell, is a first grade teacher at Webster Elementary in Webb City and is an amazing and faithful wife, mother, and friend. Together they have four children: Madison, Emilee, Claire, and Hunter.

Dan believes that a business that loves Jesus should be the safest place on earth: “part of the mission of Schuber Mitchell Homes involves bringing marginalized people back into the fold of the community through the ministry work one does at and away from the office”.

Daman Schuber currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Schuber Mitchell Homes. After attending the University of Kansas, he moved to Joplin in 1996 to finish his education at Ozark Christian College.

Daman is married to Angie Schuber, a wonderful wife and mother who has been blessed with the gift of hospitality. Daman and Angie have four kids: Isabella, Asa, Addis, and Mia. Each are individually unique and each one cherished.

When reflecting on how a kingdom company impacts its community, Daman believes that “we can do more than just sell someone a home. We can live out our faith while interacting with our customers. This means we do business in a way that is uniquely different than anything they’ve ever seen.”

After graduating from Pittsburg State University, Joe Harris returned to the Joplin area in 1999 to work at Leggatt & Platt, Inc., where he held several roles over nearly 17 years with the company.

In 2005, Joe and his wife, Danica, formed Harris Homes to provide quality and affordable single family rental homes to Joplin area families. Joe joined Schuber Mitchell Homes in 2015, now serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Schuber Mitchell Homes.

Joe believes that his chief role within the leadership team involves removing barriers to ministry happening in a business environment. Joe is passionate about the practical side of ministry, saying “there are a lot of practical things that happen in a workplace that show the love of Jesus. Just being kind to your co-workers goes a long way.” His advice: “go into meetings and assume that this may be the only example of Jesus that people see”.

Joe, Danica, and their four kids, Dylan, Delaney, Dempsey, and Dawsyn are very active in both school and Church and call Christ’s Church of Oronogo their home Church.

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Dan Mitchell

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