Preaching-Teaching Convention
February 18 - February 20

  • Pre-Convention Seminar

  • Regular Registration


On Stage

  • Speaker

    Caleb Kaltenbach

  • Speaker

    Brad Tate

  • Speaker

    Shan Moyers

  • Speaker

    Ashley Wooldridge

  • Speaker

    Daryl Reed

  • Speaker

    Nathan Rector

  • Speaker

    Mark Scott

  • Bible Study Speaker

    Jeff Walling

  • Worship

    Isaac Schade

Pre-Convention Seminars Monday, February 18 9:30 AM-3:30 PM

Church Leadership: Conversations for the Smaller Church

Seminar topics include “Healthy Church Culture,” “Small Church Discipleship,” “Small Church Leadership Dynamics,” “Small Church Leadership Development,” “Small Church in the Urban Contexts,”  “Small Church in the Rural Contexts,” and "Celebrating the Small Church."

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KidMin & Volunteer Training

Children’s ministry training with Annette Safstrom from Ministry Architects.

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Leading & Loving It

As a woman involved in ministry, do you ever find yourself needing encouragement? Whether you are a minister, or you are married to one - this seminar will encourage you and equip to continue leading in your ministries and loving it while you do.

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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis Training

This seminar provides valuable tools and training that will help with individual, premarital and marital counseling. 

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