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You can’t spell “gospel” without “G-O,” and for over 75 years, OCC students have been on the go. Camp teams, Lord’s Reapers teams, Impact Brass and Singers, Frontline, athletics teams, and more have piled into buses and vans to represent Christ all over the country. Last year alone, Ozark students traveled more than 617,000 road miles for the sake of the mission. Ozark really is on the go!

But we need your help to keep going. Our aging van fleet needs to be replaced, so we’ve made it our focus for this year’s Alumni Project. This year, we’ve set a goal of $150,000 for two initiatives:

  1. $75,000 toward the purchase of two new vans for our fleet
  2. $75,000 toward our need-based grants for students

Your gift to these two initiatives will help put students in our classrooms and in our van seats—students who will end up going to schools and churches and camps with the gospel.

Will you consider being a part of this project? You can set up your one-time or monthly gift below. Thank you for helping us keep Ozark on the go!

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