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President Proctor's Spring 2018 Final Charge

The Difference

A gift to Ozark is an investment in eternity. Your generous gifts make The Difference between what students pay and the true cost of their ministry preparation. Each year, generous donors like you offset student costs by 20%. This year, churches, alumni, and partners will give $2.4 million.

Make a secure donation to The Difference fund below. For more on how you or your church can partner with OCC, read on or contact or 417.626.1218. You can also mail a gift to:
Ozark Christian College
1111 N. Main
Joplin, MO 64801

Letter from President Proctor

     I’m asking for your financial help today because as a leader, I want to be an UNO player, not a poker player.

     When I played UNO with my five-year-old Caroline, her tiny hands couldn’t hold all seven cards, so she would lay her cards face-up on the table. (I beat her all the time.) That’s bad game strategy, but great leadership strategy:

  • A leader playing poker holds his cards close to his chest. He avoids transparency, bluffs, and only doles out information when necessary.
  • A leader playing UNO lays his cards out on the table for all to see. He seeks transparency, communicates honestly, and shares information whenever he can.

     So may I lay my cards on the table? I’ll share four facts, and I think you’ll see why I’m writing for your help.

CARD 1: Ozark’s mission remains strong.

     At this spring’s graduation, we sent 154 more workers into the harvest field, and as they walked across the stage...

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The Difference

Learn how you can partner with OCC to be the difference in the lives of our students.

The Difference

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