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Coronavirus FAQs

What is happening with OCC classes?

Beginning Monday, March 30, all OCC residential classes will move to an online format for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. (Spring Module 2 online courses will continue as scheduled.) We’re thankful that our Online Learning Department and faculty already have the structure in place to make this change.

Are the OCC residence halls open?

Starting Saturday, March 28, the OCC residence halls will be open by permission only for students who must stay on campus, including international students, essential OCC student employees, students without online access at home, and students who are unable to return home. If given permission to remain in a residence hall, you may be required to relocate to a different dorm and/or room. Students checking out of dorms will be scheduled a move-out time/day between March 21-April 3, to avoid large crowds on campus. Your residence director will contact you to arrange your move-out time and date.

ALL RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM BY 5:00 PM ON FRIDAY, MARCH 27. Refunds will not be issued to students who have not submitted this Housing Form by Friday, March 27.

Will students who live in the dorm receive a room and meal refund?

Yes. All dorm students (except those given permission to remain on campus) will receive a $1,000 room and meal refund applied as credit to their school bill. The refund will be reflected on your student account by May 1. Refund checks will be issued only if resulting in a credit balance. Commuter meal plans will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. Refunds will not be issued to students who have not submitted this Housing Form by Friday, March 27.

What about students with on-campus jobs?

Most student employment positions are suspended for the rest of the semester. We want to encourage students to remain home and under the care of their family and trusted healthcare provider. Your on-campus supervisor will contact you if your position has been deemed essential. 

Have any OCC events or activities been canceled?

All OCC events and all events hosted on OCC’s campus have been canceled through Thursday, April 30. This includes the cancellation of public chapel services. OCC's 2020 Commencement is still scheduled for Saturday, May 9. Commencement may be postponed, but it will not be canceled.

What campus services are still available?

The Seth Wilson Library, OCC Mail Center, and the Academic Resource Commons will remain open only to staff and current students. The OCC Bookstore will remain open to the general public. The Multi-Purpose Building/Fitness Center, Chapel Building, Missions Building, and Student Center will be closed. Residence hall lobbies will be open only to students who have received permission to remain in that dorm. Food services will be takeout only from the Dining Hall for students who have been given permission to remain in the dorms. 

How do I retrieve my campus mail?

When you come to campus to retrieve the rest of your possessions, stop in the Mail Center to clean out your mailbox. Also, update your street address by filling out the "Spring-Summer 2020 Address Update" section of the Address Correction Form on the Student Life tab of your portal.

Is OCC still having Commencement?

Currently, no changes have been made to our plans for Commencement (Saturday, May 9, at 10 a.m. in the OCC Multi-Purpose Building). Commencement may be rescheduled, but it will not be canceled.

What about Tuesday Tours and Ozark Welcome Days?

The OCC Admissions Department has canceled the remaining Tuesday Tours for this semester. High school seniors and transfer students can still receive a $1,000 Ozark scholarship when they apply at occ.edu/apply. Similarly, our Ozark Welcome Days are transitioning to a digital format. If you have registered for a Tuesday Tour or Ozark Welcome, you will hear from our Admissions Department. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

How is OCC monitoring the situation and making decisions?

Executive Vice President of Administration Damien Spikereit has assembled a Coronavirus Response Team (CRT). The CRT meets regularly and continues to monitor the situation. OCC is in communication with the Joplin Health Department and is following recommendations from the CDC. According to the CDC’s community mitigation strategies, OCC is taking what qualifies as “substantial” measures to slow the spread of the virus. Submit any questions about OCC’s Coronavirus Response Plan in our feedback form here.

What is OCC’s sanitization process?

OCC’s custodial department has increased measures to disinfect frequently used surfaces and doorknobs. As always, they are following Health Department guidelines and CDC recommendations as they keep our campus clean.

I’m having technical problems/difficulty accessing classes remotely.  What should I do?

Contact [email protected] and your professor to communicate the problems you’re encountering.

May I leave my car on campus for the rest of the semester?

No. Please make arrangements to remove your vehicle from campus by Friday, April 3.

What should I do if I feel symptomatic?

Employees or students in the Joplin area who display symptoms of COVID-19 should do the following:

  1. Call the Joplin 24 hour Covid-19 Hotline at 877-435-8411. Due to the limited availability of tests, the health official will ask a series of screening questions to determine testing eligibility.
  2. If eligible for testing, then a test will be scheduled at the drive-thru facility located at Thousand Oaks Medical Center on 32nd Street. Current testing times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00-6:00 p.m. Location and testing times are subject to change.  

If not in Joplin, consult your physician. You can also access OCC’s telemedicine service, DirectConnect, on the Student Life/Health and Wellness section of your portal. Contact Health Services Coordinator Sara Wood if you believe you have COVID-19 or if you have been exposed to the virus.

Are OCC employees still required to come to work?

All OCC (non-student) employees should follow OCC’s Employee Mitigation Plan. Contact Human Resources Director Whitney Morgan at [email protected] with any questions.

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