Student Employment

At OCC, we offer several on-campus job opportunities for students. Working on campus saves time and money, and on-campus employment lets students work around their class schedules in a Christian environment.

OCC students receive a salary of $12.00 per hour*, but OCC is not required to withhold FICA taxes (social security and medicare) while classes are in session for students taking a course load of six hours or more here at OCC. Off-campus employers are required to withhold FICA taxes, so students must earn more in their job to equal the same paycheck.

OCC's student employment program is designed to help students pay for their education, and students collect their paychecks in the OCC Student Financial Services Office. On-campus job opportunities include:

Applications for employment can be found on the student portal, under the Student Employment tab. Please send the completed application to [email protected].

*Pay rate subject to change with federal or state minimum wage increases.

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