Northside Christian Church, Yorktown, VA - Student Ministry Intern

Northside Christian Church

Christian Church/Church of Christ

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
15 1000 Yorktown, VA USA

Contact Information


Reed William Smith
phone   (252) 267-3475

1300 George Washington Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23693

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
N/A Student Ministry Intern Internship, Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Why: Jesus strategically poured into disciples so that they could spread the Good News about the Kingdom of God. These same disciples carried on this tradition as we carry it on today through equipping the saints for Kingdom work. What: At Northside, we are committed to pursuing God, loving people, and transforming the world. One way we can faithfully steward this commitment is through the equipping of ministry interns. Who: Interns are expected to be Christ-followers who submit to the authority of Scripture and acknowledge field mentors under the guidance of the Northside eldership as both advocates and disciplinarians. How: Internships exist for two reasons: A) that individuals called into the ministry may receive hands-on experience which prepares them for vocational leadership and B) that the ministers serving said interns may sharpen their own craft and conviction by training those up-and-coming. Where: To serve in God's flock is to be a "jack of all trades." No one ministry role at Northside is uniquely specialized but asks individuals to use their calling to fill a diverse list of needs. Ministry interns should expect to be given broad exposure to church-work. When: To best equip ministry interns, Northside expects that all individuals applying for the ministry internship position to commit to no less than a three month period. -Paid Internship -Housing Offered

Job Description

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Applicant Requirements

1. Contact Student Minister: Reed Smith 2. Fill out/turn in application and reference form. 3. Interview w/ Reed+Elder-Supervisor