Hillside Christian Church, Marshfield, MO - Lead Pastor

Hillside Christian Church

Hillside is a non-denominational church where everyone is welcomed. Come as you are mentality with contemporary worship. We have lots of young families who have joined the church in the last 5 years. Marshfield is a growing community 20 miles east of Springfield on I-44.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
3 170-195 Marshfield, MO USA

Contact Information

link   http://hccmarshfield.org/

Ryan Aikins
mail   aikinsfamily@gmail.com
phone   (443) 910-5235

P.O. Box 429
Marshfield, MO 65706

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Lead Pastor Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Hillside is looking for a Lead Pastor with the responsibilities of preaching, teaching, and vision casting. Making disciples while leading us in seeking and saving the lost. Preaching most Sundays and teaching Wednesday nights. Our Wednesday night meal and Bible study averages around 100 people. With 40 in the adult class. We do not have a Sunday night service. The church is very friendly and is welcoming to all people. We have some in the church family that have gone to church their whole lives, and others who come who may have never been inside a church before, people that smoke before or after church outside, people that you can see their chew can in their back pocket, people that recently were freed from prison, former drug addicts. Some people wear their Sunday best, and some may wear hats during the service. We try our best not to hold people to any man made standards, only to what is clearly taught in the New Testament. Worship usually has drums, keyboard, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, two electric guitars, and two or three vocals. I share all this information to help you and us find the right fit.

Applicant Requirements

Salary negotiable based on education and experience. Education: Bachelor's Degree (Advanced or Seminary degree preferred) 3-5 Years experience in ministry.