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Goshen Christian Church

Goshen Christian Church is a non-denominational fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ who are learning to follow Him in every aspect of life. We do not claim to be the only Church nor the only Christians, but we are seeking by faith to be His Church and Christians only. We are governed, according to New Testament teaching, by local Elders, men who have demonstrated maturity in understanding and life. We require nothing more for salvation and church membership than is revealed in the pages of the New Testament. In 1979, a group of thirteen Goshen residents attending the Milford Christian Church began meeting on Sunday nights in a home Bible Study in Goshen. Goshen is located approximately fifteen miles north of Milford. This group felt that Milford was too much of a distance for Goshen residents to drive to attend church functions. There was no other New Testament Christian Church in Goshen for this group to attend. This core group desired to start a new church in Goshen so the Milford Christian Church honored and supported this idea of starting a new church in the Goshen area and continues to be our "Mother Church". For a period of time, the Goshen residents traveled back and forth from Goshen to Milford to attend youth groups, choir, and Sunday morning worship while continuing to meet on Sunday nights in Goshen. In September of 1979, this group began meeting on Sunday mornings at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall in Goshen with Rick Brouillette as our minister. Rick was the Youth Minister at the Milford Church and for a short time continued as Youth Minister at Milford and Minister at the new Goshen Church. In January 1980, Rick resigned at Milford and became Goshen Christian Church's first full time minister. The new church grew and prospered. In 1981, the church voted to purchase the property on Berkey Avenue where our facilities are now located. In May of 1983, we broke ground for our new church building. In our 37 year history, we have had two significant additions to the original structure. We own three acres of ground on the East side of the church which could be used as an additional building site. We are currently planning for an educational wing we call the Kid-O-Zone. Goshen Christian Church has and maintains a strong emphasis on missions. We have commissioned and ordained six families from our church body to enter the mission field. In 1996, Rick Brouillette made a decision to re-enter the mission field and asked the Elders for permission to start a new church in Elkhart, Indiana. With the Elders blessing and financial support, Rick took a small nucleus of people from Goshen Christian Church and started a new church about twenty miles northwest of Goshen in Elkhart. We have four Elders, two of whom were ordained in 1983 as our first Elders. In addition to the Elders, we have five Deacons. The structure of the Church leadership is designed to follow the Biblical examples of Elders and Deacons. In addition to Elders and Deacons, we have six oversight ministry groups designed to analyze church programs and activities to coordinate those activities to function cohesively to allow for church growth. During our 37-year history, we have only had three senior ministers: Rick Brouillette (1980-1996), Charles Beckett (1996-2002) and Kim Huffman (2003 to the present). Our current staff consists of a senior minister, a church secretary and a church custodian. Goshen Christian Church has a simple goal and that is to serve and be faithful to God.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
3 100+ Goshen, IN USA

Contact Information

link   http://www.goshenchristianchurch.org

Roy Wheat
mail   wheatjudy@hotmail.com
phone   (574) 457-6574

2133 Berkey Avenue
Goshen, IN 46526

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Preaching/Senior Senior Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

SENIOR MINISTER PRIORITIZED JOB SUMMARY 1) Doctrinal Knowledge: Candidate must be firmly grounded and immersed in God's Word. The Bible is our final, inerrant authority. The salvation message of forgiveness, from hearing and believing to acceptance of and submission to Jesus Christ, must be clearly conveyed and at the heart of teaching and preaching. 2) Teaching and Preaching Skills: This position requires the clear and authoritative communication of God's truth, and the application of these truths in our lives. This congregation will require a minister who is an encourager, whose love, warmth, and unwavering commitment will bring the congregation to maturity and completeness. 3) Organization and Management Skills: Candidate must demonstrate the skills and vision to carry out the mission of Goshen Christian Church and motivate committed volunteers. The ability to supervise and direct other ministers, staff, and administrative personnel is essential. Candidate must lead the congregation to service and oversee ministry group activities. Candidate must lead by example! 4) Personal Characteristics: Candidate must possess a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a transparent and exemplary lifestyle. The candidate must love and value people, be an encourager and counselor, always striving to bring each believer to a richer relationship with Jesus Christ. Candidate must have strong family values. Candidate is encouraged to have family care and involvement as a top priority. Candidate must be an active witness both within the congregation and within the community. 5) Evangelistic Skills: Candidate must present the Gospel to the community and possess the leadership skill to motivate and enlist the congregation in accomplishing this task. Candidate must guide people to demonstrate the joy of their salvation as a foundation of their witness. 6) Additional Experience: Candidate with experience in at least one building program would be beneficial, but not necessary. Goshen Christian Church is in the preliminary planning stage of a fourth building program. Also, experience in the start-up and administration of a Christian school would be beneficial, but not necessary. 7) Additional Requirements: Candidate must be receptive to being transitioned by current Senior Minister commensurate with past experience for a time period to be determined by the Elders and current Senior Minister. The Elders believe this will aid in a smooth transition period between the current and future Senior Minister and to congregational acceptance.