First Christian Church, Washington, MO - Worship Minister and/or Director

First Christian Church

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6 400 Washington, MO USA

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Dave Smith
phone   (636) 239-7560

6890 Hwy 100
Washington, MO 63090

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Worship/Music Worship Minister and/or Director Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Description

Responsibilities of the Role 

I. Personal Life 

A. Strive to live a life above reproach as a Christian example as outlined in places such as 1 Timothy 3; 2 Timothy 2; Titus 1; and the FCC Bylaws. • Demonstrate a strong personal commitment to Christ and the Bible. • Maintain daily times of prayer and Bible study to personally abide in Christ. • If married, build and maintain a strong Christian family. 

B. Become an involved member of the FCC Family as would be expected of a church leader. • Become “at home” in the area. • Reside in or near (within 10-15 miles) of Washington, MO • Participate in Life Groups, special events, and services beyond Sunday morning. • Encourage and minister to other members, and be encouraged and ministered to you *Develop and foster relationships within the local community inside and outside of the FCC body 

II. Sunday Morning Worship Service. The Sunday morning worship time is a primary means of fulfilling our Mission Statement: Make disciples of Jesus today as we Love, Grow, Connect, Give. Therefore, it is a high priority as we worship God, develop relationships with Jesus and each other, and as we minister to both guests and members. 

A. Lead the congregation into worship ministering out of your own relationship with Jesus, and using your heart and words as well as worship arts. 

B. Envision and oversee Sunday morning worship services. 1. Core elements that should be included in each service. • Thoughts and hearts directed to the worship of God. • Communion • Study and application of the Bible • Prayer • Offering 2. Variety in expressions of worship, people involved, and order of service are encouraged. 3. Work closely with the Lead Minister and/or preaching team for planning worship. 

C. Build and lead a worship team that develops subleaders and utilizes the talents of multiple people. 1. Subleader may include but is not limited to; • Other primary worship leaders (lead a worship service) • Secondary worship leaders (lead some part of a worship service) • Leaders over A/V areas • Leaders over resources that could flow into the worship service or be used at other times including but not limited to: Arts, Drama, Videos, Special music 2. Utilizing the talents of multiple people may include but is not limited to having them help plan worship services, create videos, sing, instrumental, other media such as painting or pottery, speaking, etc… 3. Shepherd, train, and lead the volunteer worship team. 

III. Tech 

A. Oversee FCC’s worship tech ministry to provide excellence in congregational worship. 

B. Lead a team that keeps the church current and effective in A/V technology and ministry. 

IV. Other Ministry Duties 

A. Generally assist, as needed and requested, with other FCC staff, ministries, and events as we are all a part of a ministry team. 

B. Work with Guest Services and/or other ministries to attain excellence in guest reception and follow up 

C. Pastoral; This includes hospital and home bound calls, spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals, and teaching especially with people who are within the worship ministry. 

D. Attend all required church meetings including but not limited to: staff, leadership (staff and elders), retreats, appropriate additional ministries. 

This job description is not exclusive or exhaustive, but may be changed after discussion with the Worship Minister and other appropriate church leaders as the need would arise.

Job Summary

First Christian Church seeks a Godly, talented, and experienced Worship Leader who can relate to the importance of developing relationships with Jesus and each other through impactful and meaningful Sunday morning worship. The individual we seek is inspired and believes that everyone needs to be reached for Jesus to enter their lives and to sustain that relationship. There is no right way or one way to do worship. We believe it’s more than music. It’s clearly about relationships and the needed organization to ensure we are doing all we can to create the environment where relationships with Jesus and others happen in a most meaningful way. If you are inspired by the Word of God, believe that Jesus is the Truth and the Way, value relationships, and have the experience in this ministry then we invite you to read further here. May God bless you always. 

Job Description

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