First Christian Church, Monmouth, IL - Minister of Worship and Youth

First Christian Church

First Christian Church of Monmouth, IL is an established, Restoration Movement church currently in the early stages of revitalization. Presently our first service consists of hymns while our second service utilizes a full band and contemporary music. Beginning April 21st, we will transition to identical services, utilizing a slightly blended approach at first, and then progressing to fully contemporary over the next 3-5 years. Presently, our children’s and student ministries are overseen by the full-time Next-Gen Minister. With the addition of the Associate Minister of Worship and Youth, our current Next-Gen Pastor will transition to the role of Associate Minister of Children and Family. In addition to this the FCC team also includes a part-time office administrator (full-time in September), full-time facilities manager, and full-time lead minister. Mission: Helping people take next-steps closer to God together. Vision: Lead the people of Warren County 10,000 steps closer to Christ by 2023. 7 Core Values: 1.) Biblical Truth: We will not stand on anything less than the life-giving, liberating truth of God. 2.) Evangelism: We strive to share the overwhelming love of God in Christ by speaking with embarrassing boldness and acting in outrageous love. 3.) Community Presence: We are a lighthouse placed in a broader community, guiding those around us toward his love, hope, and healing. 4.) Spiritual Growth: Our faith is a journey, not a destination. There is always a “next-step” to lead us onto greater and deeper adventure. 5.) Family Faith: We believe in partnering with parents to equip the next generation with faith that lasts. 6.) Shaping Tomorrow: We embrace the future, bravely letting go of the things we love in order to reach the people and serve the God we love even more. 7.) Connection: We will choose meaningful relationships over isolation, because life and faith are richest when we are together.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
5 250 Monmouth, IL USA

Contact Information


Jordan Schultz
phone   (309) 734-9419

514 N. Sunny Ln.
Monmouth, IL 61462

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Worship/Music, Jr/Sr High Minister of Worship and Youth Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Divide time between Worship and Student ministries effectively.
  2. Direct, oversee, and co-shepherd the worship community of First Christian Church.
  3. Collaborate with the lead minister in creating a focused and engaging Sunday morning experience.
  4. Build relationships in order to recruit, equip, and empower effective ministry teams.
  5. Lead the music portion of the Sunday worship experience.
  6. Provide oversight to the worship ministry maintenance and administration including annual worship budget.
  7. Provide worship team members with all necessary music and information, allowing appropriate lead time.
  8. Prepare all digital elements of the Sunday morning experience (lyrics, video announcements, bumper videos, multi-tracks, etc.)
  9. Maintain FCC digital content including podcast and YouTube.
  10. Develop an intentional strategy for discipling students grades 6-12.
  11. Recruit and develop a team of youth leaders.
  12. Lead weekly youth meeting and periodic events, including summer trips such as CIY.
  13. Oversee the administration and maintenance of the student ministry, including an annual youth budget.
  14. Participate in the overall life of FCC (small groups, special events, special services, etc.)

The perfect candidate will possess the following skills and qualifications:

  1. Ministry related degree from an accredited 4 year school.
  2. 3+ years ministry experience in a church or parachurch context.
  3. Experience in the various administrative aspects of planning and leading a worship band.
  4. Proven ability to develop worship team members.
  5. Familiarity with sound and projection equipment (boards, projectors, in-ear monitors, mics, etc.)
  6. Skills Proficiency in Mac systems.
  7. Confidence in stage presence when speaking and leading.
  8. Ability to lead worship with confident vocals, preferably while playing guitar or keyboard.
  9. Utilizes Planning Center to schedule worship and media teams.
  10. Proficiency with ProPresenter.
  11. Proficient with the use of multi-tracks and Prime (Ableton).
  12. Basic understanding of audio mixing.
  13. Compassionate patience with an older congregation transitioning to newer styles of worship music.
  14. Heart for teenagers and the next generation of Christianity.
  15. Proven ability to develop youth workers and leaders.
  16. Experience communicating the Gospel and God’s Word in an accessible way.
  17. Ability to organize student ministry outings, trips, and summer conferences.
  18. Ability to respond to written and electronic communication in a timely, professional manner.
  19. Sold-out commitment Jesus and the call to do whatever it takes to see people know his love.
  20. Humility and a sense of humor.
  21. Someone who is well organized but can be flexible in a team setting, while still being able to meet deadlines.
  22. Someone who is looking to not only function in a healthy team but build a healthy team of their own to support the church as a whole, not just their own ministry.

The above describes the perfect candidate. We believe that many of the above skills can be taught, but character and drive cannot. Please do not be discouraged from applying if you do not meet this ideal picture.

Applicant Requirements

Application Requirements: In your application packet please include a resume with at least 3 professional references, cover letter, unedited video demonstrating ability as a worship leader, and either audio or video demonstration of teaching such as a sermon, Sunday School class, or Small Group discussion. For digital application packets: For physical application packets: ATTN: Jordan Schultz First Christian Church 514 N. Sunny Lane Monmouth, IL 61462