First Baptist Church Kenova, Kenova, WV - Minister of Music

First Baptist Church Kenova

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N/A N/A Kenova, WV

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Meggan Jacobus

Kenova, WV

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Worship/Music Minister of Music Paid Full-Time 30-40+

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First Baptist Church Kenova is looking for a FT Minister of Music who meets the criteria for a pastor as listed in I Tim 3 and Titus 1. It is the primary purpose of the Minister of Music to develop a worship ministry capable of providing an engaging worship services that encourages the body to enter into corporate and personal worship. Candidates must possess experience, training, and expertise in the field of music and worship. Strong leadership skills are a must. Being able to recruit and train sound/tech people is important. Web/graphic design experience is preferred but not required. Looking for a candidate who can either lead independently or on an instrument (eg, acoustic, keyboard). Candidates need to have some experience leading a choir of 30 or more people. Exceptions can be made if we feel confident that candidates have people and professional skills to excel in this area. Candidates must be able to take traditional hymns and arrange them in a way that reaches all ages. While our choir is more of a worship choir than a performance choir, occasionally they may do something special during weekend services. As far as style, we lean more on the contemporary side rather than the blended. We do like to tailor our service to appeal to the younger demographic of our church, so long as it’s not distracting. We do this by including lighting designs and mixing styles. The church is located close to Marshall University, which attracts many college students. The majority of the adults attending our church are in their 20s and 30s. We have approximately 100 teens involved in youth ministry and 100 adults who are over 60. With the wide spectrum of ages that are represented, we are very intentional about being a multi-generational church. We’re a “come as you are” church so you’ll see a wide variety of attire at our worship services. Most adults wear polo shirts with khakis or jeans.

Salary package is negotiable and dependent on skill, experience and need of the candidate. HOURS: Full-Time YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Open INSTRUMENTS PREFERRED: Open SOFTWARE & TOOLS PREFERRED: Media Shout - We use Media shout but open to switching For more information, visit the full church profile at: You can find out more about our church and see our services at

Applicant Requirements

To apply, email your resume to Meggan at