Christian Student Fellowship Bloomsburg, State College, PA - Campus Minister

Christian Student Fellowship Bloomsburg

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
N/A N/A State College, PA USA

Contact Information


William "Buzz" Roberts
phone   (814) 883-1318

PO Box 221
State College, PA 16804

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
College/Young Adults Campus Minister Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Summary

Prospective Candidate: The Christian Student Foundation (CSFPA), a collegiate ministry organization in Pennsylvania, is seeking candidates with strong biblical teaching with specific gifted backgrounds, who relate well with university students for an opening with the Christian Student Fellowship at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA. This position requires fund raising in order to complete base salary and benefits. CSF- Bloomsburg is currently seeking recognized student organization status and currently has a core group of 10 10-12 students. The focus of this new ministry is to provide students opportunities to serve in various ministry efforts, including spring break missions outreach, retreats and outreach on campus. The ministry is supported by a strong, encouraging board that have a understanding and passion for campus ministry. Bloomsburg University, founded in 1839, has an undergraduate enrollment of 9,158 and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The University has over 200 student organizations and more than two dozen fraternities and sororities. Bloomsburg is home to 18 varsity sports that complete in the NCAA Division II. CSFPA’s vision is to create a ministry that will have an impact on this campus and surrounding area. Expectations: Leadership is a key to an effective ministry. CSFPA is a faith-based ministry relying on faithful contributions of individuals and congregations. Therefore the campus minister is expected to be a primary support raiser for his ministry. CSFPA is looking for someone who can lead others to the Lord, who is experienced in one-on-one discipleship and can mentor others. As an effective communicator with young adults, the campus minister should consider himself a lifetime student of scripture and the world in which we live. The campus minister must share a conviction that every area of study in academia is a study of God’s creation and human alienation from Him, therefore helping students develop a Christian world and life view is vital to ministry. Finally, one of the essential qualities of a campus minister is a passion for God. The campus minister will have a big impact on young lives and must lead by example. Just as Paul states, “Follow me as I follow Christ”, so the campus minister must be an open book for students to observe and understand.

Job Description

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