American Indian Christian Mission, Show Low, AZ - Girls’ Dorm Parents

American Indian Christian Mission

Mission to Reservation/3rd-8th Grade Boarding School

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
14 N/A Show Low, AZ USA

Contact Information


Jeff Cline
phone   (928) 537-5912

924 Mission Ln Lot 1
Show Low, AZ 85901

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Christian School, Other Girls' Dorm Parents Paid Full-Time 30-40+

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Get students up and ready for school, be there after school to help with homework (sign their assignment books & papers when homework is finished, give them snacks, get them to bed at a decent hour and make sure they get to the cafeteria for their meals.

• Make sure students brush their teeth, wash (shower) and comb their hair.

• Assign a chore to each child, teaching them the proper way to do it, and then check to see that they are done.

• Keep supply of cleaning items, such as cleansers, rags, vacuum, etc. with all cleaning solutions in a locked cabinet in the dorm.

• Teach students how to wash his/her clothes and do it once a week and wash linens bi-weekly.

• Mark students names on their clothes when they arrive at the beginning of the year, so the clothes remain with their rightful owner.

• Periodically check students for head lice, check fingernails and toenails once a month for length and fungus. Teach them personal care regarding hands and feet.

• Keep a supply of personal hygiene products, such as facial tissue, toilet paper, shampoo, soap and feminine products for girls on hand (can get supplies at the office).

• Maintain a clean environment in the dorm, while teaching the children personal responsibility for their areas (have them help you clean).

• Teach proper meal time manners and social skills like how to interact and cooperate in group activities.

• Collect food from the kitchen and bring to the dorm for evening meals.

• Monitor student’s location for their safety (can take them to places like the pool or recreation room when homework is done, etc.- at your discretion).

• If a student is sick or injured, you may have to drive him/her to the clinic on the reservation and contact their parents.

• Set a positive example of what a Christian home should be (some of these kids don’t have that because they live with abuse, alcoholic parents, and/or no parents at all).

• Provide daily devotions & pray time and give Christian guidance applicable to all situations.

• House parents are required to attend chapel whenever the students attend.

• Play games with the students, go for walks, and spend personal time with each child as time and needs permit.

• Plan occasional special events for your dorm like: movie nights, trips to a lake, swimming, hikes or bowling (can coordinate with the other dorm parent for group activities if you like).

• Deal with behavioral and health issues at any time.

• Discipline when necessary – enforce school & dorm rules like: no bullying (must say no and provide consequences without raising your voice or losing your temper). Notify the Executive Director regarding serious matters.

• If a student has any special issues that stem from their home life on the reservation like: abuse or prone to self injury or have suicidal thoughts, then notify the Principle & Executive Director and they will help deal with the situation. We want to not only provide a good education, but also provide Christian counseling for those who need it. Life is tough on the reservation and we want students to find their hope in Christ and know that he will give them the strength they need.

• Do bag checks when students return to the campus (make sure they haven’t brought items that are prohibited on campus).

• Will keep individual files for each student.

• Dispense any prescription medications as needed, and notify the office when medicine is given.

• Be prepared for emergencies – evacuation procedures in care of fire, know where fire extinguishers and first aid kits are kept. Have the first add kit properly supplied and locked. This kit should also include a CPR mask and gloves.

• When an adult comes to check a child out, verify they are on the checkout list and have them sign the checkout form for that child. If it is during the school day, have the parents sign the student out at the office.

• Accept any alterations to duties that may be needed or accept any additional assignments give by the director (if asked to take on additional responsibilities it would normally be in a temporary capacity, like filling in for someone – such as substituting for a teacher that is sick). You may be asked to assist on field trips or other school related events.


The house parents start duty at 5pm on Sunday evening and they end at 8am on Friday (students go to the reservation on weekends). Will usually get time off in the afternoon expect for laundry days and occasional days when the house parents is needed to take care of a sick child in the dorm. This is a year-round position. We ask house parents to help with some summer camps and work with Ministry Teams. Some house parents visit their home church or other churches to promote the mission during the summer. We encourage house parents to schedule their vacation time during the summer.

Job Summary

Ministry Description: House Parent Requirements

Must have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and committed to serve Him faithfully

Must be in full agreement with and actively support the mission and vision of AICM

Must be in agreement with AICM Statement of Faith (located in the: “About AICM” section of our website)

Must be an active member of a local Christian Church or similar type church (theologically speaking).


To be a Christian role model and parent, teaching good personal habits (studies, hygiene, cleanliness, etc.) encouraging and teaching them in the ways of Christ, and helping them to become all that God has planned for them.


Responsible to the Operations/HR Director.


Will be evaluated on an annual basis.

Job Description

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Applicant Requirements

Minimum Qualifications High School diploma, or GED and have some experience in ministry (teacher, youth leader or minister) Be at least 21 years of age Have CPR training (If hired, AICM will provide training through the Linden fire department to get current certification) Desired Experience working with children such as: school teacher, Sunday school teacher, youth minister, counselor, camp worker or parent. Married couple Contact Jeff Cline, Director for phone interview. Go to for application.