Diversity Department

Dream of Destiny

OCC's Dream of Destiny Diversity Department seeks to cultivate a multi-ethnic, multicultural campus and constituency by working across college departments to intentionally recruit and retain ethnic minority students and to increase campus and classroom cultural inclusiveness.

The Ozark community is committed to honoring and broadening the diversity of our community and to treating every person with respect and love. We want every student to feel at home at OCC, and we want to equip our students to be culturally agile in any context. Ozark equips students to serve in a diverse world. As we train men and women for Christian service, we seek to raise them up as leaders who encourage cultural and ethnic diversity for the sake of the gospel. 

For more on OCC's Diversity Department, contact Matthew McBirth at mcbirth.matthew@occ.edu or 417.626.1289. For more on OCC's Mosaic Leadership Scholarship, visit occ.edu/mosaic. 

Why Diversity Matters

Mosaic Breakfasts

Mosaic Breakfasts provide a safe environment for ethnic/cultural minority students to come together for encouragement, to help them feel more at home during their time at OCC. For more information, contact Matthew McBirth at mcbirth.matthew@occ.edu or 417.626.1289.    

Mosaic Lunches

Mosaic Lunches offer a safe environment for all students who are passionate about or interested in ethnic/cultural diversity, letting them meet and discuss difficult topics of diversity, ethnicity and culture. Read more about our upcoming Mosaic Lunches here. For more information, contact Matthew McBirth at mcbirth.matthew@occ.edu or 417.626.1289. 

Heritage Celebrations

Heritage Celebration Weeks and Days inform and honor the culture of a specific people group, letting the college campus see the diverse Body of Christ. In February 2017, students celebrated African American History Month with several events. Read about the celebration here. For more information, contact Matthew McBirth at mcbirth.matthew@occ.edu or 417.626.1289.

Read about our 2018 African American Heritage Celebration Week here.

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