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The Ministry Center connects students with opportunities to serve in the kingdom of God. Serving others is a natural result of our faith. Involvement in Christian service as a college student helps bridge classroom learning with real-world experiences. It not only helps other people, but it also helps students discover their own interests and gifts. When it comes to training for life and ministry, a commitment to Christian service is just as important as academics and character development.  

Christian Service (CS 1101) is a non-credit, pass-fail course that every student taking 8 or more credit hours must take. In order to pass, students must participate in at least 30 hours of Christian service and submit a completed Christian Service Accountability Report (via Canvas) to the Ministry Center by the due date. Volunteer work or paid ministry work counts as Christian service hours.  

All first-semester students are required to work 15 hours of Christian service hours. After the first semester, the required hours change to the 30 per semester. This includes all first-year Ozark students, whether they are a transfer or a freshman student.

Check out the Ministry Openings & Internships webpage to find places to get connected and serve!

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