Frontline is an auditioned team of OCC students who travel nationwide, leading worship at churches and youth events. The team also performs concerts and provides worship team training in churches. From leading worship in chapel services to traveling during the school year and over the summer, Frontline has led thousands of people in dynamic worship experiences.

As an educational tool for students, Frontline provides unparalleled training experience for worship leadership and pastoral ministry. Members rehearse four hours a week and travel two weekends a month. The musicianship, teamwork and spiritual maturity required for Frontline are tremendous building blocks for vocational ministry. Team members also work with the latest audio and video production equipment and gain valuable experience in worship leading in congregations of all sizes.

Frontline is available for bookings throughout the school year mid-September through April, and for the eight-week summer tour, June through July. Contact the Frontline office at

Meet Frontline

Ben Allen

Vocals & Keys

From: Clarksville, TN
Year: Sophomore
Studying: General Ministry with a Worship emphasis
Aside from singing, Ben loves stories, whether they are in movies, videogames or books. He also has a love for pugs and the Lord of the Rings.

Logan Carrigan

Lead Electric Guitar

From: Spokane, WA
Year: Sophomore
Studying: Old Testament Theology & Preaching
Logan is from the Pacific Northwest and believes it is the greatest and greenest part of the U.S. of A. He hopes to one day move back to the Seattle area and minister to the people there. Don’t call him Brogie...he much prefers Adult Logan.

Ben Carroll


From: Charlestown, Indiana
Year: Freshman
Studying: Ministry & Creative Arts
Ben loves being a Neanderthal for Jesus (and metal music).

Jacob Chandler

Audio Engineer

From: Lexington, Kentucky
Year: Junior
Studying: Psychology & Counseling
Jacob loves Ultimate Frisbee, video games, Relient K, and wearing hats. He is a huge fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, and it is a rare occasion to see him without his U of K hat on. He hopes to work in a church as a counselor someday.

Elijah Coleman

Vocals & Rhythm Electric Guitar

From: Louisville, Kentucky
Year: Freshman
Studying: Worship Ministry
Elijah enjoys sushi, anything and everything involving the electric guitar, and puns. His favorite animal is the narwhal.

Vanessa Cox

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

From: Rockford, IL
Year: Senior
Studying: General Ministry
Vanessa is interested in pursuing a career in both student and worship ministry. This is her second year with Frontline, and during her first year, she played keys. Vanessa loves all types of games and is the game master of all of them.

Sean Mallett

Bass Guitar

From: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Year: Freshman
Studying: Worship Ministry
When he isn’t playing bass, you can find Sean playing one of his many other instruments, including mandolin, banjo, and guitar. Outside of music, Sean loves to write and is currently working on a book series. His favorite animal is either the Grey Wolf or the Great White Buffalo.

Bryce Resor

Creative Arts Tech

From: Wilmington, Ohio
Year: Junior
Studying: Psychology & Counseling
Bryce loves music. He plays the bass guitar and loves rock music. He also loves pizza and is an active soda pop connoisseur. Bryce has five years of martial arts training and four adopted siblings from Haiti. As a kid, Bryce was in Barney.

Sarah Seitz


From: Cedar Rapids, IA
Year: Freshman
Studying: Psychology & Counseling
Aside from music, some of Sarah's favorite things are tennis, mac and cheese, shopping, puppies and spending time with her friends and family. 

Blakeley Sites


From: Louisville, Kentucky
Year: Sophomore
Studying: Children’s Ministry
Blakeley is the oldest sister of three younger brothers. She took piano lessons for 12 years. She also loves to sing and act.

Jesse Furst

Administrative Assistant

From: Olathe, Kansas
Year: Senior
Studying: Biblical Justice
Jesse hopes to be a lawyer or missionary (or both) someday and loves ice cream and crocheting. Some like to call her the team grandma. She was the bass player on Frontline from 2014-2016.

Aaron Hayse

Musical Assistant

From: Independence, KS
Year: Senior
Studied/Studying: General Ministry
Aaron likes to make music, hike in the mountains, and help connect people to God. After Ozark, Aaron wants to go into worship ministry. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a music degree in 2014. This makes him really old and you should give him a hard time about it.

Isaac Schade


From: Atlanta, Georgia
Studied: Isaac has a Bachelor of Bible & Ministry from Milligan College and a Masters of Arts in Religion in New Testament Studies from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.
Outside of being the Frontline Director, Isaac is also the Chapel Minister and teaches classes in the Worship Arts Department. His wife, Maggie, a proud Texan, is the Community Impact Minister at nearby Christ's Church of Oronogo. Isaac and Maggie have one baby boy, Paxton, and are in the process of adopting from the Caribbean. Isaac is a rabid North Carolina Tar Heels basketball fan, thoroughly enjoys watching movies and TV, and loves things from his hometown of Atlanta, like Coke, Chick-fil-A and the Atlanta Braves.

Frontline Merch

Frontline offers CDs and t-shirts for purchase upon request. Email for purchasing options.

CDs available:

  • Out of the Dust (2017)
  • Who You Are (2016) 
  • Lamb of God (2015)

Who You Are


Do What You Want To
The Rock Won't Move
Sinking Deep
Good Good Father
Greatness of Our God
Shout Your Praise
No Longer Slaves


Lamb Of God


Only King Forever
This is Amazing Grace
Unstoppable God
Lamb of God
This I Believe
Broken Vessels
All the Poor & Powerless
Heaven and Earth




Like a Lion
One Thing Remains
Man of Sorrows
To Be Like You
Great I Am
Revelation Song
Here We Are




Nothing But the Blood
Hallelujah to Our God
Christ is Risen
Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise)
God is Able
Give Me Faith
Kings and Queens
(released June 2013)


Travel Schedule

  • Date
  • Event

  • Location
  • July 9-14
  • Youth Quake

  • Como, CO

Schedule Frontline


Each fall, Frontline holds auditions for all positions. Auditions typically take place the first weekend before classes begin in August, and the team usually selects eight band members and two technicians. Once auditions are announced, applicants can pick up an audition packet in the OCC chapel (outside C08) and sign up for a time to audition. Contact with any questions.

Positions available:

  • Vocalists (male and female)
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar (rhythm and lead)
  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Audio Engineer
  • Video Technician

Vocal Auditions: Be prepared to sing two songs of contrasting styles. You may sing with your own track, accompany yourself, or bring an accompanist. You should also be prepared to sing harmony with another vocalist. If you need an accompanist, please notify the Frontline office in advance.

Instrumental Auditions: Be prepared to demonstrate proficiency on your instrument(s) by playing a variety of different styles of music. Have at least two songs prepared. You will also be asked to sight read a chord chart or play along with a recording.

Production Auditions: Those auditioning for production positions will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of sound and video equipment. Audio engineers should be familiar with sound system basics and demonstrate some level of experience in live sound reinforcement. Video technicians should show any familiarity they have with ProPresenter, video editing software, and any other type of technical involvement.

*If you are auditioning for more than one position, please sign up for two audition times.
*Vocalists and Instrumentalists may be cut off in the middle of a song due to time constraints.

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