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Frontline is an auditioned team of OCC students, led by Ozark's Isaac Schade. 

As an educational tool for students, Frontline provides unparalleled training experience for worship leadership and pastoral ministry. Members rehearse each week and lead together four times a semester in chapel. The musicianship, teamwork, and spiritual maturity required for Frontline are tremendous building blocks for vocational ministry. Team members also work with the latest audio and video production equipment and gain valuable experience in worship leading.

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Isaac serves Ozark Christian College as a professor, chapel minister, and Frontline director. His wife, Maggie, a proud Texan, is the community impact minister at nearby Christ's Church of Oronogo. Isaac and Maggie have two children, Paxton and Poppy. Isaac is a rabid North Carolina Tar Heels basketball fan, thoroughly enjoys watching movies and TV, and loves things from his hometown of Atlanta, like Coke, Chick-fil-A, and the Braves.


Matt leads OCC’s Worship and Creative Arts Department, where he has taught for 15 years in the areas of music, worship leadership, technical arts, and the Psalms. Matt is married to Joy, who teaches ESL at Joplin High School. Their son, Aaron, is in his second year of medical school in Joplin, and son Ethan is a senior at John Brown University, where he’s studying to be a band director. Matt enjoys running, biking, hiking, camping, stargazing, playing board games, and building things out of wood.


Elisha is Frontline’s music director. Music has run in Elisha’s veins since he was born, and in 2016, he felt God’s call to worship ministry at a CIY MOVE conference. A junior at Ozark, Elisha recently added a minor in Creative Arts Ministry and plans to spend several months in overseas missions work before he graduates. Name a nerdy music genre, and it’s probably in Elisha’s consistent Spotify rotation: Broadway musicals, movie scores, a cappella, and more. 


Carryn is Frontline’s administrative assistant. Born in Portland, Oregon, Carryn graduated from Ozark in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in cross-cultural studies. She enjoys working with college students, being creative, and coming up with new ideas to further the mission of the college. Carryn collects cheese graters, loves to laugh, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves leading worship at her home church and finding new ways to share the Gospel with others. 


Originally from Colorado, Annie currently lives in Bentonville, Arkansas. Annie plays keys for the Monday Frontline Team, and she loves to experiment and learn other instruments like acoustic guitar and drums. Annie is a sophomore at OCC, majoring in music and worship. In the future, she hopes to serve in a church, leading worship or working behind the scenes. Annie also plays basketball at Ozark and enjoys golf and hiking with her dog.


Brady plays acoustic guitar and sings on the Monday Frontline team. He is a sophomore at Ozark and is studying biblical communication. After graduating, Brady wants to serve as a worship minister. His favorite movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Brady collects coffee mugs and loves the outdoors—especially hunting and fishing with his family. He hails from the GEE (Muskogee, Oklahoma).


Jacob pushes faders to the limit as the audio technician for the Monday Frontline Team. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Jacob is a junior at OCC, studying organizational leadership with the intention of continuing his schooling in a master’s program on project management. Jacob hopes to work for CIY as one of their production staff or at a church as their creative arts pastor. In his free time, Jacob loves to huck a frisbee around with some friends or study up on all things leadership and production. Jacob also is an unashamed fan of Gilmore Girls. His favorite Bible book is the Gospel of John, and his favorite verses are Jude 24-25.


Jaden plays drums for the Monday Frontline Team. Born and raised in Kentucky, Jaden grew up playing basketball and never intended to be involved with music or ministry in general. As his hopeful basketball career faded away in junior high, his attention quickly turned to the drums. Jaden is majoring in organizational leadership and hopes to serve overseas as well as in any other ministry that the Lord directs. An avid coffee drinker and huge sports fan, Jaden’s three favorite things in life are mowing grass, being outdoors, and his girlfriend Polly. Jaden also loves the Kentucky Wildcats.


Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Keila is one of the vocalists on the Monday team. She loves to be loud and have fun with her teammates. Keila is majoring in biblical communication and hopes to use her loudness and love for speaking to serve the kingdom. When Keila isn’t singing, you’ll find her working out, drawing, or eating—she loves food. Keila also loves to spend her time fighting for justice with Blackbox International, a nonprofit organization that offers holistic aftercare to boys who have been trafficked. Keila is passionate about many things, but above all, she loves God and people.


Lauren plays the bass on the Monday Frontline team, but she also plays the alto saxophone and the upright bass. Lauren grew up on a small farm in Nevada, Missouri, with row crops, pecans, cows, and 70 chickens in her backyard. Lauren loves to be outside, work with animals, and enjoy nature in any form. She grew up attending a small country church where she joined the worship team at just 12 years old. Pursuing a degree in pastoral counseling, Lauren hopes to combine her two favorite things—riding horses and helping people—as an equine assisted therapist, helping kids with disabilities as well as adults with PTSD. For now, she enjoys her roles as a bass player and full-time college student.


Noah, a vocalist for Frontline, has a big voice and even bigger hair. Originally from Oklahoma, Noah has been involved in music for most of his life. He works in the Ozark Admissions Office and loves giving tours of the campus. Noah is a huge extrovert. On the rare occasion that he isn’t talking to someone, Noah is most likely watching Star Wars or Spongebob Squarepants. He is currently studying student ministry at Ozark. Once he graduates, he plans to be a youth minister who leads his students in worship.


Sean plays electric guitar and folk instruments and is one of the vocalists in Frontline. Sean is a senior studying music and worship as well as Creative Arts. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Sean has been involved in worship ministry since he was 12. He is also a four-year veteran of Frontline, playing bass and serving as an audio tech for a summer. If he isn’t doing repairs on one of his many instruments or recording new tracks, you will find Sean reading comic books or writing one of his novels.  Sean is a Power Rangers fanatic and has watched every season and read every comic book. After graduation, Sean hopes to work in a church doing worship and production.


Oliviah sings on the Monday Frontline Team. Born in Festus, Missouri, Oliviah is a senior at Ozark and a music and worship major. Oliviah and her fiancé, Dalton, will be married in June and plan to work in a church and use their gifts of music to help people find and follow Jesus. Oliviah loves Chinese food and Oreos. During her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family, go on hikes, and sing. Oliviah is a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Blues fan, but most of all, she loves Jesus and hopes others can see him through her words and actions.


Adam plays rhythm guitar and sings on the Tuesday team. Born and raised in Joplin, Missouri, Adam is a sophomore majoring in music and worship. Adam loves the band U2 and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Destiny is a vocalist on the Tuesday team. Originally from Mount Vernon, Missouri, Destiny is a junior at OCC majoring in worship leadership. She loves McDonald’s french fries and plans to finish her degree in worship leadership at Ozark and further her education in psychology or counseling. Destiny hopes that God can use her to listen to others and communicate the Gospel through creative and communicative ministries in her professional career.


Elle is a vocalist on Tuesday team. Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Elle transferred to OCC in 2018. She is a Christian formation major and loves spending time with people and going on adventures. She also enjoys travel and was blessed to go to Canada and Ireland during college. Elle loves her Great Dane, Sailor, pickle chips, and dark chocolate as well as swing dancing and creative writing.


Emma plays keys and vocals on the Tuesday Frontline Team. She is a sophomore music and worship major and looks forward to traveling with Frontline this summer. Emma is from St. Louis, Missouri. Emma is known for her loud laugh, her twin-ish sister, and for being the first one to need a restroom stop on a road trip. Emma enjoys Diet Coke, being vegetarian, and watching Dr. Phil with her sister.


Jared plays electric guitar on the Tuesday team. A senior and general ministry major at OCC, Jared plans to serve as a creative arts minister and eventually as a college philosophy professor one day. Jared loves to spend time outdoors camping and fly-fishing, and he’s passionate about music, reading books, and creative writing. He recently finished his first novel and is currently working on a book of poetry.


Jonathan plays bass guitar on the Tuesday team. Jonathan was born in Canton Ohio, but has since lived in Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Jonathan loves hot sauce, DC comics, and Star Wars—especially Star Wars. In fact, at one point in his life, he tried to learn Ewokese. Most importantly Jonathan loves God and wants to spend his life writing music and glorifying God through creative outlets.


Joshua Witte was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and lived in three different states before landing in the Joplin area in 2011. Josh is a sophomore at OCC and is pursuing a music and worship degree while playing drums for the Tuesday Frontline team. In June, he will marry his fiancee, Waltham. Some of Josh’s favorite things include Chick-Fil-A, Swiss Rolls, movies, screamo (no it’s not a phase), reading, and drumming. Josh plans on following God’s call with his soon-to-be wife and serving his will wherever that may be.


Josiah plays acoustic guitar and sings for the Tuesday team. He is from Overland Park, Kansas, and an OCC sophomore studying general ministry with focuses in organizational leadership and music. He loves writing and producing music and is thinking of being a creative arts director at a church in the future. Josiah’s heart's desire is to communicate and exegete the Gospel through music for the church.


Luke Palmquist plays the keys and sings on Frontline’s Tuesday Team. He was born in Springfield, Missouri, and grew up in the area. Luke is a sophomore at Ozark and is studying biblical justice. After graduation, he wants to work in a nonprofit that fights against sex trafficking. Luke’s favorite place is Target. He loves throw pillows and terrible TV shows like The Bachelor and Dance Moms. Above all else, Luke wants to embody Christ to those who are overlooked, abandoned, silenced, and tossed aside and to be the embodiment of Christ to bring healing and growth to them.


Sam currently serves as the audio tech for the Frontline Tuesday team and will be doing vocals/acoustic this summer. Sam is a Kansas City, Missouri, native and is passionate about church ministry and all that it entails. Sam has greatly enjoyed learning the ins and outs of audio and the rest of the creative arts realm within her time at Ozark. She is a church planting major and is excited to use this training in her future ministry opportunities. In her free time, Sam likes to find new music to listen to, practice photography, scare people with fake appendages, and do homework.


Ben plays the drums for the Thursday Team. He has been playing drums since around seventh grade, and he loves listening to music. Ben also enjoys films a lot. He watched all of the Rocky films last Thanksgiving, and he hasn’t been the same since. His favorite films are The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ben studies biblical theology at Ozark and is graduating in May. He hopes to pursue God and his church through worship ministry.


Gage Smith plays electric guitar for Frontline. Raised in Tonganoxie, Kansas, Gage is a junior at Ozark and a theology major. You can thank bands like Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters for his long hair and his guitar style, but you can thank Koltan for keeping his amp quiet enough so you can hear everyone else. Gage plans to serve God in full-time ministry.


Jordan plays acoustic guitar and sings on the Frontline Thursday team. Jordan is a freshman from Hesston, Kansas, and he’s majoring in music and worship ministry. Jordan’s favorite band is Kings Kaleidoscope. He is passionate about music and strives to bring something unique and inspiring to the worship music industry. Jordan is colorblind and a picky eater, but he loves pizza above the rest.


Jordyn slaps the bass for the Thursday Frontline Team. An Iowa native, she is currently majoring in intercultural studies and is loving it. Jordyn loves music (playing and listening), running, drinking tea, and sewing. Jordyn says she’s a “grandma at heart,” especially because of her secret obsession with Golden Girls.


Kallee sings on the Thursday Frontline Team and is majoring in psychology and counseling. Some of Kallee’s hobbies are drinking La Croix, painting, and falling down stairs. Originally from a small town in Oklahoma, Kallee loves hanging out with her friends in coffee shops. Her favorite band is Coldplay, her sense of humor is comedy gold, and you will almost always hear her before you see her. Kallee’s biggest passion is reaching broken people, showing them love, and pointing them directly to Jesus. She cannot wait to see where God calls her!


Koltan runs the sound board and tech for the Thursday team. He will also be playing electric guitar and singing for one of the Frontline summer teams. Originally from Crocker, Missouri, Koltan is a freshman at Ozark and is majoring in music and worship. Koltan enjoys dry humor.  His music taste ranges somewhere between R&B and heavy metal.


Nick plays keys on the Tuesday Team and is a music and worship major in his third year at Ozark. Aside from Frontline, Nick loves to make his own music, exploring and experimenting with different genres ranging from R&B all the way to indie pop. Nick loves to spend time with his friends and is also very enthusiastic about anything related to coffee. In the future, Nick would love to take a position as a student worship pastor, or make a living by creating and producing his own music.


Solomon plays guitar for the Frontline Thursday Team. A sophomore from Dallas, Solomon is studying to become a worship minister. Solomon wants to serve the church with his life and lead people closer to Jesus. You’ll usually find him watching Star Wars in his room or longboarding on the streets of Joplin. In addition to guitar, Solomon loves to play soccer. His favorite team is Real Madrid.


Taylor sings and plays keys (the grand piano when they let her) for the Thursday team. 


Darren Cullifer is a bass player and vocalist for Frontline summer team F. Darren is studying music and worship ministry at Ozark. He hails from Macon, Missouri, where he attended Crossroads Christian Church and helped lead worship for the past six years. Some of his favorite hobbies are watching football, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and his dog Mia. Darren can play several different instruments, some of which are the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, and large ensemble concert triangle. His favorite thing when leading worship is hearing the voices of the congregation lifting up praise to our Lord.


Cade Bailey is the drummer for Frontline summer team L. Cade was born in Kokomo, Indiana, then moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. A freshman and church planting major, Cade says that “awkward” is a very good word to describe him.

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OCC Frontline Collective has written worship music from our community, for our community. We have provided the following resources for you to use in your church.

Chord Chart (D)
Master Stems (D)
Chord Chart (G)
Master Stems (G)

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jon Hill.

Be Like You 
Chord Chart (D)
Accompaniment Track (D)
Band Track {Click/Cues - Left, Instruments - Right} (D)
Tutorial Videos (D)

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jon Hill.

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