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Earning College Credit

Earning College Credit

As a high school student, you can develop your academic skills and cut your college costs by taking advantage of AP, CLEP, and Dual-Credit classes that your school offers. If this is your desire, here is what you do to transfer your credits toward your degree at OCC.

Dual-Credit Transcripts: Students must submit an official transcript from the college awarding the credit. Courses require a "C" or higher grade to be considered for transfer.  

AP Credit: OCC accepts some credits earned through the College Board Advance Placement (AP) program. Ozark's Advanced Placement Credits chart will show you what classes we accept and the required score to receive the credit. Students must request the official test score transcript from AP College Board to be sent to OCC. Follow this link to learn how to request your AP transcript.

CLEP Credit: Students seeking credit through a CLEP test, must have the official scores sent from College Board. Follow this link to learn how to request your CLEP transcript. Test must be taken before student matriculates and receive a score of 50 or higher.  Each test is worth 3 credit hours with a maiximum of 12 credits hours allowed. Ozark's Accepted CLEP Test Subject chart will show you the classes we accept.

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