Any education is a large investment of time and finances, so Ozark seeks to admit students who demonstrate the potential to successfully complete their first year of collegiate work. Research shows that students who are able to successfully pass their freshman year and go on to be sophomores have the greatest likelihood of completing a degree. Though we have an academic standard that applicants are required to meet, we also recognize that some students have potential for success, though it may not be evident through test scores and grade point average.

If you do not meet the academic requirements for admission, we encourage you to take one of the following actions:

Retake the ACT

Retake the ACT to obtain a higher score. Students are encouraged to take the ACT multiple times, because the Admissions Department will record the highest composite score of your various attempts.

ACT Information

SAT Information

Attend Community College

Attend a community college and take general studies courses (e.g. English Composition, Speech, Math, etc.). Remedial courses will not qualify for consideration or transfer. 

Complete Degree

ACT/SAT scores are waived for students who have attended another institution and graduate with an associate's or bachelor's degree.  

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