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Jesse Furst

Admissions Territory:
MO (64000-65793), OK, NE, TX, IA, CA, Western U.S., Transfer Students

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry - Biblical Justice

Advice for future students:
“Study something you are passionate about, because life's too short to spend it working at a job you don’t care about. It's important to trust God and listen to his calling on your life, because he knows what’s best for you and loves you more than any person on this earth does. Also, take advantage of every day you’re given, because none of us are guaranteed a certain amount of time on this earth. And don’t forget to have fun!”

Why I love Ozark:
"I love Ozark because everyone here has become my family. I felt so loved and cared for the first week I was on campus as a freshman, and I still feel that way while on staff years later. I also love Ozark because of the biblically grounded education I received. I would not be who I am today without attending Ozark – my education here taught me who Jesus is and how to love people well. I will always be grateful for the way my Ozark education shaped the person I am today."

Contact Jesse:
417.626.1234 ext. 2029

Marcus Schaeffer

Admissions Territory:
MO (63000-63599) plus Webb City & Oronogo, MO, KS, AR, CO, IL, IN, KY, Eastern U.S.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry - Student Ministry

Advice for future students:
"Get involved! One of the things that our students at Ozark rave about is the incredible community on campus. However, that community isn’t going to impact you to its full potential unless you put yourself out there and get involved. If you say “yes” to the activities, events, and opportunities that you’ll have at Ozark, you will get the most out of your time here!"

Why I love Ozark:
"I love Ozark because our leadership has stayed faithfully committed to the mission that God put on the hearts of our founding fathers over 75 years ago. We remain to this day a "Jesus school" committed to training men and women for Christian service. I’m thankful for the ways in which the administration and faculty carry that out, because it impacted me as a student, and continues to facilitate my spiritual growth as an employee."

Contact Marcus:
417.626.1234 ext. 2030

Matthew McBirth

Admissions Territory:
Joplin, MO; Carthage MO; Springfield, MO; Cape Girardeau County, MO

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry - Student Ministry (2016)

Advice for Future Students:
“Be who God made you to be! You do not only have the image of God in you, but you specifically reflect God in a unique way that allows your classmates, professors and fellow ministers to benefit from your presence and interactions with them. As my brother says, ‘Be you. God already has a Tim Keller, so don't be him, be you.’ God already has Jackie Hill-Perry, so don’t be her, be you.  Be the creation that God made you to be and change the world around you while doing it.”

Why I love Ozark:
"OCC is a premier ministry training higher learning institution. We want to train men and women for Christian service, and this will never change. This is reflected in every area of our campus. When you attend class, you are learning from amazing professors who have decades upon decades in studying the Bible and doing ministry. When you are in the dorms or getting help from a staff member, you are receiving help from some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. When you attend chapel, you are led in worship by people who want to love God and love people more than anything. I love OCC because we do these things, not to pat ourselves on the back, but to glorify Christ, and this has continued to be our mission for 75 years."

Contact Matthew:
417.626.1234 ext. 2378

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