Bachelor of Theology

Methods continually change, but the Bible stays the same. This book is the foundation for life and ministry, and at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, we take the Bible seriously. The Bachelor of Theology is the most Bible-intensive degree at OCC. You'll learn biblical Hebrew and Greek and take approximately 50 hours in Bible courses.

Bachelor of Theology students are prepared to:


  • serve in a pastoral, preaching, or discipleship ministry.
  • pursue an advanced degree.
  • know and apply Scripture from its original language and context.


Courses in this Degree

Wisdom Literature

Greek 2A




Hebrew 1

Ezekiel and Daniel

1 Corinthians

Messianic Prophecy

Ancient Language Electives


Minor Prophets


Hebrew Exegesis

Old Testament Senior Thesis

Greek 3A

Gospel of Matthew

Faculty Contact

Professor Jon Kehrer

"The BTh delivers the best of what Ozark has to offer: solid, broad, and thorough biblical training from Genesis to Revelation in the context of a transformational campus community."

Email Professor Jon Kehrer

Possible Job Opportunities

Preaching Minister

Student Minister

Discipleship Minister

Professor (after graduate studies)

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