Counseling and Pastoral Care

Want to offer hope and healing to someone in need? At Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, our Bachelor of Arts in Counseling and Pastoral Care prepares you to do just that. You'll be trained to critique psychology theory from a Christian worldview and integrate biblical principles into various psychological models. You'll also be prepared for crisis intervention in scenarios such as suicide, depression, and drug addiction. You'll receive a working model from which to offer counseling to those struggling with emotional and psychological problems, and you'll be prepared for graduate work and licensure as LPC, AAMFT, or MSW.

Counseling and Pastoral Care students are prepared to:


  • critique psychology theories from a Christian worldview.
  • integrate biblical principles into various psychological models.
  • pursue graduate work and licensure as an LPC, AAMFT, or MSW.


Courses in this Degree

Introduction to Counseling

Developmental Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

Healthy Relationships

Strategic Lay Counseling

Authentic Human Sexuality

Marriage and Family Life

AACC Convention

Counseling Youth

Pastoral Counseling

Ministering to Women in Crisis

Mental Health First Aid

Suicide Intervention

Prepare and Enrich

Taylor-Johnson Analysis

Crisis Counseling

Psy/Counseling Field Experience

Faculty Contact

Laura Porter

"Through the integration of Biblical knowledge and foundational counseling skills, the Counseling and Pastoral Care program prepares students to engage in a variety of human service pathways including professional and pastoral counseling."

Email Laura Porter

Possible Job Opportunities with additional Education and Licensure



Social Worker

Licensed Professional Counselor

Educational Psychologist

Pediatric Social Worker

Human Resources Director

Corrections and Rehabilitation Officer

School Counselor

Marriage and Family Therapist

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Music and Play Therapist

Church Staff Counselor

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