Christian Ministry

Looking for a broad approach to ministry preparation? The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, prepares you to serve in a wide variety of ministries within a church or parachurch organization. The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry is a great option for students who want the flexibility of being trained in multiple ministry fields. A large number of ministry elective hours in this program lets students pursue different areas of interest.

Christian Ministry students are prepared to:


  • serve in a variety of ministries in a church or parachurch organization.
  • preach, teach, and lead in a church.
  • provide pastoral counseling for people in need.


Courses in this Degree


Practical Issues in Ministry

9 Hours of Ministry Training Elective

2 Hours of Counseling Elective

3 Hours of General Elective

Faculty Contact

Professor Chad Ragsdale

"At Ozark Christian College, we train you to be biblically grounded, spiritually matured, culturally engaged, and vocationally prepared."

Email Professor Chad Ragsdale

Possible Job Opportunities

Preaching Minister

Associate Minister

Director of a Parachurch Organization


Pastoral Care Minister

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