Biblical Communication

At Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri, the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Communication prepares students to preach from, through, and like the Bible. You'll be taught by outstanding communicators like Damien Spikereit, Beth DeFazio, Matt Proctor, and Jason Poznich. You'll also receive preaching ministry mentoring from nationally known preachers in seminar settings and be part of OCC preachers' club, Kerusso.

Biblical Communication students are prepared to:


  • serve in a pastoral, preaching, or discipleship ministry.
  • communicate biblical truth accurately and persuasively.
  • teach Scripture as the true and authoritative Word of God.


Courses in this Degree

Foundations for Biblical Communication

Practical Issues in Ministry

Strategies of Biblical Communication

Pastoral Counseling

Advanced Biblical Communication

Preaching Seminars and Ministry Electives

Women’s Ministry

Internship or Field Experience

Faculty Contact

Professor Jason Poznich

"In our biblical communication courses, we continue a long legacy of training students to preach from, through, and like the Bible with clarity, creativity, and connectivity to real-life."

Email Professor Jason Poznich

Possible Job Opportunities

Preaching Team Member

Associate Minister

Women's Minister

Discipleship Minister


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