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Available Speakers

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This list consists of OCC faculty and staff who often speak on particular topics/subjects you may be interested in for your church/organization. This is not an exhaustive list of our personnel available to serve, nor of the subjects/topics on which they speak. We hope it will serve as a resource as your church ministers in your area, and partners with OCC in reaching the world for Christ.

Please feel free to contact any of those listed and talk with them about your specific needs. Speaker requests may be made by contacting Carla Billingsley at 417.626.1234 ext. 2046 or Billingsley.Carla@OCC.edu. See our Supply Preaching / Seekers List for more information.

Sorted by Last Name, First Name

Speaking Topics

Dru Ashwell 
     Ext. 2106DAshwell@OCC.edu
Faith (Reasons for Believing)
Hiding God's Word in Our Hearts
Spiritual Disciplines
The Eternal Benefits of Daily Bible Intake

Dr.  Terry Bowland 
     Ext. 2408TBowland@OCC.edu
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Evangelism Seminars
How We Got the Bible: From Ancient Manuscripts to Modern Translations
Jr. High and High School Retreat Messages
Leadership Seminars
Men’s Retreats
New Testament Book - Acts
New Testament Book - Romans
Theological Issues: A Defense of Christian Capitalism
Theological Issues: Calvinism vs Arminian thought
Theological Issues: Understanding and Critiquing Charismatic Theology

Michael DeFazio 
     Ext. 2660Defazio.Michael@OCC.edu
Discipleship (Living the Christian Life)
Doctrine of God
Doctrine of Humanity
How to Study and Understand the Bible
Life and Teachings of Jesus
New Testament Book – Acts (Early Christianity)
New Testament Book – Colossians
New Testament Book – Mark
New Testament Book – Romans
Reading the Bible in the "Real World"

Dr.  Chris DeWelt 
     Ext. 2503CDeWelt@OCC.edu
Leadership - Elders
Leadership - Men

Jay Engelbrecht 
     Ext. 2507Engelbrecht.Jay@OCC.edu
Cultural Analysis - a look at where we are in America through the lens of film, social media and contemporary music.
Physical/Spiritual Connection - workshops on developing healthy habits in both physical and spiritual areas of life

David Fish 
     Ext. 2716DFish@OCC.edu
Bible Interpretation
Bible Software
Outreach to Hispanics
Theology of Technology

Mary Alice Gardner 
     Ext. 2505MGardner@OCC.edu
ASL: Interpreting Scripture and Worship Songs
ASL: Introduction to Interpreting
ASL: Religious Interpreting
ASL: Working Together - Deaf ministry tips for the preacher
Dramas for Teens

Kevin Greer 
     Ext. 2035Greer.Kevin@OCC.edu
Connecting Family and Youth Ministry
Developing a Strategy for your Youth Ministry
Developing Missions Minded Students
Discipleship and Small Groups
Risk Prevention in Youth Ministry
The Heart of the Youth Worker
Youth Ministry Training

Gerald Griffin 
     Ext. 2506Griffin.Gerald@OCC.edu
Church Leadership Seminars
Old Testament Book - Ecclesiastes

Greg Hafer 
     Ext. 2513GHafer@OCC.edu
Marriage Enrichment
Missions Emphasis
Spiritual Formation
Training for Communion Meditations
Training for Public Reading of Scripture

Travis Hurley 
Basic Bible Doctrine
Christian Community Development
Christian Life
Effective Charity
Multi-Ethnic Ministry
New Testament
Racial Reconciliation

Chris Lahm 
     Ext. 2301Lahm.Chris@OCC.edu
Youth Sports

Linda Lawson 
     Ext. 2706Lawson.Linda@OCC.edu
Developing/Revitalizing your Women's Ministry
Discipline in Christian Education Contexts
Grandparenting Near and Far
Teacher Training

Dr.  Tom Lawson 
     Ext. 2728Lawson.Tom@OCC.edu
Honest to God Prayer
Narrative message on OT People
The Lord's Supper: History and Meaning
Worship, History of Worship

Shawn Lindsay 
     Ext. 2007Lindsay.Shawn@OCC.edu
Educational Responsibilities of Church Leaders
Strategic Planning (esp. related to education)
Teacher Training

Doug Miller 
     Ext. 2011Miller.Doug@OCC.edu
Estate planning and legal issues.

Dr.  Larry Pechawer 
     Ext. 2705LPechawer@OCC.edu
End Times Seminar
New Testament Book - Hebrews
Old Testament - Poetry
Old Testament - Prophecy
Old Testament Books - Minor Prophets, Jeremiah, Daniel

Chad Ragsdale 
     Ext. 2103Ragsdale.Chad@OCC.edu
Biblical Interpretation
New Testament

Mark Scott 
     Ext. 2723Scott.Mark@OCC.edu
Church Leadership
Elder Training
Revivals and Evangelistic Meetings

Monte Shoemake 
     Ext. 2012Shoemake.Monte@OCC.edu
Church Growth
Practical Ministry

Damien Spikereit 
     Ext. 2052Spikereit.Damien@OCC.edu
Biblical Studies

Joy Stafford 
     Ext. 2416Stafford.Joy@OCC.edu
Dating - Workshop (with husband, Matt Stafford)
English - Workshops on how to teach English
Evangelism - "Touch the World" and "Reaching Out to Internationals" workshops
Marriage - Workshop (with husband, Matt Stafford)

Matt Stafford 
     Ext. 2403Stafford.Matt@OCC.edu
Christian Worship
Contemporary Worship Issues
Making Great Music with Your Worship Team
Planning and Leading Worship Services
Praying the Psalms in Worship
Praying the Psalms with Christ
Technology in Worship

Doug Welch 
     Ext. 2651Welch.Doug@OCC.edu
Christianity and the Movies
Church in Contemporary Culture
Doctrine of Atonement
Doctrine of the Church
Doctrine of the Trinity
New Testament Book - 1 John
New Testament Book - 1 Peter
New Testament Book - James
New Testament Book - Revelation
New Testament Book - Romans
Reading the Bible

Teresa Welch 
     Ext. 2045Welch.Teresa@OCC.edu
Administration of Church Wide Education Program
Adult Bible Classes (variety of topics)
Children's Ministry (teacher/volunteer training, administration)
Curriculum Development (various ages)
Ladies Events (variety of topics)
Leading a Child to Christ (parents and children's ministry leaders)
Teacher Training for Adult Education
Training of Small Group Leadership

Bob Witte 
     Ext. 2058Witte.Bob@OCC.edu
Old & New Testament
Spiritual Formation

Shane J. Wood 
     Ext. 2661Wood.Shane@OCC.edu
Eschatology (i.e., the Last Days, End Times, Rapture, etc.)
Living the Christian Life
New Testament Book - Acts (Early Christianity)
New Testament Book - Revelation

Dr.  Gary Zustiak 
     Ext. 2715Zustiak.Gary@OCC.edu
Biblical Interpretation (8 specific topics)
Church - Emerging/Emergent (8 specific studies)
Marriage Enrichment (6 specific studies)
New Testament Book - Revelation (6 specific studies)
Old Testament Book - Nehemiah (Leadership Principles)
Psychology and Counseling (12 specific topics)
Youth & Family (24 specific studies)