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Ministry Openings and Internships

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The information below is from a church or organization that has presented a job or internship opening to Ozark Christian College. For more information about this opening please contact the church or organization directly through the contact information which is given below.

Associate Pastor of Worship and Youth

This is a Full-Time position with Christian Church of Estes Park in Estes Park, Colorado.

Job Requirements:
A Christian and committed member of the local congregation. Has a knowledge of Scripture, accepting all Scripture as the inspired word of God. Has a servant heart, willing to help others where possible. Possesses strong administrative skills and is good at managing details. Has a desire to share the gospel with others, having concern for the lost. Has a love for the worship of our Lord. Capable of leading others to Worship. Has earned a Bachelors Degree or greater from an accredited Bible College or Seminary. 

Full Job Description (external web site link)

Application Requirements:
1. Worship MinistryPlanning, Preparation and coordination of worship services with input and direction from the Lead pastorSelection of all praise/worship musicCoordination of special musicCoordination of special worship eventsCoordination of worship team scheduleDevelop teaching/instruction opportunities about worshipWork with the Finance Committee to develop and implement the worship budgetMaintain presentation software, database and CCLI License informationMaintain System equipmentLead Worship at weekly services and select special events2. Assist Sr. PastorAttend weekly staff meetingsAssist as needed in visitor callingAssist as needed in pastoral counselingPreaching assignments as given by Lead PastorTeaching assignments as given by Lead PastorSpecial projects as assigned by Lead Pastor (research, polling, recruiting, etc.)Conducts weddings/funerals as needed3. Youth Ministry (middle school and high school)Plan weekly youth program along with other youth leadersRecruit and train sponsorsPlan and Implement special eventsKeep an ongoing youth calendarEvaluate progress of the program and spiritual health of each youthKeep parents informed of youth events and youth needsPlan events that involve both youth and their familiesEffort to be involved in the schools in such a way as to support youth from our church family and to establish relationships with school faculty and with students 4. Office and Staff ResponsibilitiesSpend adequate time in office to be available to church family and to other staff5. Prayer for the church bodyPrays regularly for the body.Shares prayer needs with other staff membersFor more information about the Christian Church of Estes Park please visit our website: www.FunChurch.com

Church / Organization Description:
The Christian Church of Estes Park is a non-denominational Christian Church in the Estes Valley. Being non-denominational means we look to the Bible as our standard of faith and practice, Founded upon the principles of the Restoration Movement we stress unity in the essentials of our faith, liberty in the non-essentials, and in all things love. We are simply fellowship of believers with a great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission: to know God’s love, to grow in God’s love, to love God and others, and to go to share God’s love. That’s our mission. That is what we’re all about. Our vision is to saturate the Estes Valley with the Good News of Jesus. This means we’re determined to bring the hope and life giving truths of the Gospel of Jesus to every person who lives in and around the Estes Valley. Our strategy to do this is simply to be disciples of Jesus that build disciples of Jesus. We didn’t invent this mission, vision, or strategy. In fact they all come from the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. Started in November of 1994, the Christian Church of Estes Park was founded by a faithful group of believers who longed bring a genuine first century (Book of Acts) fellowship and worship experience to the Estes Valley. In order to not compete with existing churches our focus has been on reaching those that the existing churches weren’t: namely those who were bunt out or broken by religion and those who had no experience with church at all. Turns out, there are a lot of folks in the Estes Valley that fit that description, and so our fellowship began to grow. By 1999 we needed more space and purchased our building (an old square dance hall.) We are so grateful to God for the blessing of have a space, but are careful not to confuse our building for the church. The building, the property, and our location have proven to be incredible assets to both our ministry and our mission. We haven’t reached everyone in the Estes Valley with the Good News of Jesus yet, but we are well on our way.  

Number of Employees: 1-5

Average Attendance Range: 101-200

Contact Information:
Name: Aaron Dorman
Email: Jobs@FunChurch.com  
Phone: (970) 586-8586
Mail to: Christian Church of Estes Park, 4655 US Hwy 36, Estes Park, CO 80517 
Web site: www.funchurch.com