Webster City Church of Christ

Webster City Church of Christ is a place where no perfect people are allowed. We acknowledge that everyone has issues and rather than focusing on each others' faults we are committed to building relationships that help each other become whole. We are striving to make the following 4 words visible in our everyday lives and our community. {Courageous} explains our desire to move beyond fear and frustration into a way of living that embraces challenges. {Transparent} indicates our desire for authentic relationships and genuine communication. {Trajectory} describes our desire for movement and growth in becoming more like. {Reconciliation} signifies our understanding that the work of the church is to bring harmony to the world. We believe that when these values are lived out in community, people move toward wholeness and the normal experience for everyone is spiritual growth. Welcome to Webster City Church of Christ "A Place to Grow”

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
1-5 101-200 Webster City, IA

Contact Information

link   webstercitychurch.com

mail   webstercitycoc@qwestoffice.net
phone   515-832-2683

Webster City, IA

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Associate (Support Staff) Associate N/A N/A

Job Summary

Employment Description: Associate Pastor; position description: We are going to hire someone who can build relationships, communicate God's heart and mobilize teams to accomplish goals. Duties and responsibilities: 1. Develop a. Your personal connection with Christ b. Your ability to identify, recruit, encourage and equip people for works of service c. Your desire to reach outside the church and build relationships d. Your knowledge and skills to become a leader of leaders 2. Direct and Organize a. People to move through a discipleship process that leads to spiritual growth b. Teaching that address different learning styles and creatively communicates the Gospel message to Christians and non-Christians 3. Grow a. Identify, recruit and equip at least 4 people capable of building and leading teams i. These teams are responsible for reaching out and facilitating the spiritual growth of 30 senior high kids, 50 middle school kids, and 20 in lower elementary ii. These teams need someone to communicate specific actions that will lead them to accomplish goals b. Create opportunities for the leaders, their teams and the youth to connect with God, serve each other, and love our community 4. Contribute a. Tell people about the vision and mission of Webster City Church of Christ b. Invite people to encounter Christ and move through a discipleship process. Ministry Philosophy: We are willing to consider all levels of experience for this position but we are searching for a very particular skill set.We need a team member that can lead people to encounter God and motivate them to volunteer their time and resources to accomplish the mission. The person we will hire for this position must have the social skills to gather a team of talented people and then lead them through particular steps to accomplish specific goals.

Applicant Requirements

Are you creative, intrinsically motivated, able to solve problems and accomplish goals? Do you build relationships with unchurched people? Can you communicate vision that motivates others to follow? Do you know the benefit of serving where leadership is united around a specific vision? Have you ever experienced a community of faith where spiritual growth is driven by being transparent with each other? Webster City Church of Christ is not your traditional small town Iowa church. We are paving a new path to reach unchurched people in a small town setting. We are looking to add someone to our team that has answers for the questions above, is passionate about outreach and is called to serve in a small town. To be considered for this associate pastor position please submit your resume to Chris at webstercitycoc@qwestoffice.net or call 515-832-2683 for more information.