Generation Christian Church

Our Mission is to connect people to Christ. As a church our beliefs motivate our actions, beliefs are what define our church. Generation Christian Church is made up of people from different church backgrounds or no church background at all. Our worship facility provides a state of the art Worship Auditorium, Children’s, PreTeen, Middle/High School student areas, and Administration offices. At Generation Christian Church our strategy is to worship, grow, and serve. This doesn’t just happen on the weekends, but in our everyday life. Our Mission for Resident Programs: We believe that our program will help equip you for next generation leadership. To own and to experience a full range of ministry opportunities, program coordination, and developing your innate strengths. Each resident program possesses the formation of personal and professional resilience, a time to engage in active reflection, and conversations on the experience of ministry. Come and learn more about the calling of this ministry and how to fulfill the mission of Connecting People to Christ.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
26-100 2000+ , Florida

Contact Information


Patrick Wheeler
phone   727-375-8801 extension number: 2271


Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Internship Student Ministry Resident (Categories to choose from: PreTeen, Middle School, High School), Children’s Resident, Creative Arts Resident, and Adult Discipleship Resident. N/A N/A

Job Summary

Due to the many openings at our church, call for further internship descriptions based on the specific area.

Applicant Requirements

Due to the many openings at our church, call for further internship application requirements based on the specific area.