Cornerstone Church

The Community Cornerstone is located in the small coastal town of Eastport,ME on the Canadian border. We have the highest tides in the country (22'), deepest shipping port in the US, a Coastguard Station and a Border Patrol Station. Once a thriving community of 5000, attrition from job losses has reduced the population to 1200. But in the last decade the town has sought to reinvent itself. So too, our church's out-reach ministries. We are located in Washington count, the poorest in rural Maine. We are about 40 regular summer attendees. In addition are retirees who come to our area just for the five summer months. The only local church with any youth outreach, we need help with our VBS and making contact with the families whose children attend. We are desirous of reaching teens through music and other ideas with an aim toward leading them to Christ. We'd like to organize kids to use our outdoor basketball court and disc golf course; run a fishing derby, teach guitar,etc. The ideas are numerous.

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
1-5 26-100 , Maine

Contact Information

alan schroepfer
phone   843-368-1154


Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Worship/Music, Grade School, Jr/Sr High, Internship Summer Youth Intern N/A N/A

Job Summary

We have no youth leaders at present. We are looking for someone with experience to reach our families and those in our region - perhaps 20 miles out in our rural communities. Our desire is to have one or two students make contact with our VBS families, follow up with kids we send to camp, perhaps assist in our one weekly Sunday service, bring contemporary music to our Sunday service and youth, organize a youth bible study and other youth activities, assist in our church office, help keep our grounds neat, and perhaps teach technology skills. We'd also like to offer adult programs to the Eastport community at large. Not having an intern before, we're not sure what is fair to ask. We are an easy, flexible and casual congregation, so the internship job details would develop throughout summer.

Applicant Requirements

We would like a ministry experienced single or married couple with a heart for kids and who would catch our vision to evangelize unchurched youth and their families through our ideas and theirs. We need to increase our awareness of what works with kids today. Eventually we will want to hire youth leaders. During this internship we will supply expenses for housing, food, auto, etc. And may take a love offering upon students departure. We would want a students resume' emailed or sent US mail. Mail to: Alan Schroepfer C- (843-368-1154) Email: Mailing address before 4/22/16 is: PO Box 4401, Dowling Park,FL 32064 After that it is: c/o Cornerstone Church, PO Box 158, Eastport,ME 04631