Center Point Christian Church

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
N/A N/A Carthage, MO

Contact Information

Kelly Ross
phone   417-437-7630

Carthage, MO

Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Jr/Sr High Youth Minister Paid Part-Time N/A

Job Summary

The youth ministry position is a part-time, paid position that will allow the Youth Minister to join along with the Senior Minister at Center Point Christian Church with the goal of furthering the Kingdom of God, focusing on Jr. High and High School students – as well as overseeing the children’s ministry.

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Key Responsibilities – The following responsibilities fall in line with the mission God has specifically called you to and the general mission of the youth ministry: to make disciples.
- Pray hard, often, and expectantly.
- Develop weekly youth programming aimed at making disciples of Jr. High and High School students.
o Organize and/or teach on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings
o Oversee the children’s ministry
- Recruit, train, and shepherd adult leaders.
- Attend school and community events.
o Encourage adult leaders to attend as well.
- Participate in staff meetings
- Plan, organize, and implement outings and trips (i.e. CIY, church camps, OC events, service projects)
- Wisely handle money; ask elders for permission before major purchases, and report monthly Credit Card statement.
- Go on home and hospital visitations for students and their family members.
- Have open communication and relationships with the adult leaders and parents of the students.

Secondary Responsibilities
- Attend monthly board meetings with report.
- Participate and give input into church-wide events
- Perform other duties as assigned (particularly when Senior Minister is gone).
- Update and maintain Youth Page on Website, social media groups, and group communications with students and leaders.

Job Description Document

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Applicant Requirements

- Bible College Graduate, or in pursuit of a degree - Desire for ministry to students and their families - Clear communication skills - Relationally proficient - Basic office skills: answering phones, writing emails, Microsoft Office, etc. - In line with the mission and values of the church