Catalyst Church

Catalyst Church is a brand new church plant that launched on February 7th, 2016. God has been doing some cool stuff and for a church that is only 1 month old, we are already hosting 200 each Sunday morning. We take a emerging/missional approach to how church is done and a large part of our success thus far is a result of our authenticity and gospel-centric nature. We are a portable church who meets in a school gym, which presents some unique dynamics to our ministry. Stylistically, we're pretty active in what is relevant today. We incorporate a ton of media and have a pretty high energy in general in our services. This ain't yo momma's church, it's church for people who don't really like church. We are attracting a lot of people who have been burned by the church at some point in their past, and we're seeing a lot of restoration going on. If you want to be a part of the buzz, throw us a line!

Church Information

Church/Organization Employee Average Attendance Location
1-5 201-350 , Colorado

Contact Information


Ryan McBride
phone   719-334-0620


Position Information

Position Category Position Title Position Type Weekly Hours
Internship Worship/Music Intern N/A N/A

Job Summary

The Worship/Music Intern is an awesome opportunity to help a church plant in the area of worship, while learning under the Lead Pastor who has extensive experience in worship leadership in his past ministries. The Worship/Music Intern will get some hands on learning with the Lead Pastor while also having the freedom of running with the worship area for the summer months (with some guidance). This is a cool opportunity to just be who God has created you to be as a musician and lead a fun team of people who also love Jesus.

Applicant Requirements

Worship/Music Intern should meet most of, if not all of the following requirements: A desire to hang out in Colorado all summer! A fun, extroverted personality who genuinely loves people; Heart of excellence for Worship/Music; Proficient vocally and on a lead instrument (guitar preferred); Comfortable using tracks/click in worship; Some Worship leadership experience; Self motivated, initiative taker; Teachable/moldable/humble; Likes sushi and disc golf; Flexible (as a portable church, this one's important); Has own mode of transportation; Proficient people skills; Excited and on board with what we are all about (browse thoroughly over our website). This is a paid internship, but it's not a ton of money. If you're more excited about the opportunity than the money, shoot us the required items and we'll talk more about the compensation later. We'll provide housing with an awesome family who won't make you feel awkward and aren't old, crabby and smelly. To apply, send the following items to Ryan McBride at: Resume with cover letter; A current pic and/or link to facebook profile; Video of you leading worship (if you don't have this, send a video of you singing a newer/popular worship song); List the following: Worship Leader/Artist/Group that has most influenced your style, favorite food, favorite color, favorite sports team and favorite actor/actress.