Art Feeds Joplin

Art Feeds Joplin is a nonprofit organization that partners with local schools and children's organizations and trains up passionate community members to go meet the kids where they are at and teach lessons centered around creative education and therapeutic art in order to facilitate emotional expression. We reach about 2000 students every week and have reached approximately 23,000 to date.

Church Information

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1-5 N/A , Missouri

Contact Information


Chelsea Delgado
phone   832-906-0536


Position Information

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Internship Intern N/A N/A

Job Summary

Here is what an internship at Art Feeds Joplin looks like: you would spend approximately 50% of your time in the classrooms/at workshops and the other 50% of your time you would spend in the office learning what goes on behind the scenes and helping prep for workshops and events! The internship is between 10-20 hours a week and there is a set schedule and availability. Some skills that you can expect to gain from this internship are: lesson preparation, community engagement, volunteer coordination, project management and possibly a sugar high from all of the candy that always in the office!

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Applicant Requirements

We require 30 hours of college credit (in any subject) or 500 hours of work with kids. The expectations that we would have for you if you were to be an intern would be that you were involved in a maximum of 20 hours a week at AFJ, that you participate in community events, and that you are hard working, creative, problem solving, and persevering.