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OCC Faculty/Staff

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Sorted by Last Name, First Name


Ackerman, Mike
     Faculty/Bible and Ministry
Email: Ackerman.Mike@OCC.edu
Ext. 2657

Aldridge, Doug
     Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean
Email: Aldridge.Doug@OCC.edu
Ext. 2021

Allmoslecher, Tony
     Women’s Volleyball Coach
417.358.3912 Ext. 230

Ashwell, Dru
     Vice President of College Relations/Alumni Director, Professor
Email: DAshwell@OCC.edu
Ext. 2106

Baker, Teresa
     Food Services/Head Cook
Ext. 2300

Balentine, Kim
     Financial Aid/Director
Email: KBalentine@OCC.edu
Ext. 2032

Bare, Jane
     Student Life/Afternoon Receptionist & Switchboard
Email: JBare@OCC.edu
Ext. 2002

Baugher, Ashlyn
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Bearden, Patti
     Business Office/Student Accounts
Email: PBearden@OCC.edu
Ext. 2024

Berry, Katie
     Athletics/Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Bierbaum, Jerri
     Physical Plant/Secretary
Email: JBierbaum@OCC.edu
Ext. 2200

Billings, Mark
     Physical Plant/HVAC
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2606

Billingsley, Carla
     Development/Data Management
Email: Billingsley.Carla@OCC.edu

Blackmon, Kristie
     Recruitment Services Assistant
Email: Recruitment@OCC.edu
Ext. 2034

Boles, Kenny
     Faculty/Greek and New Testament
Email: KBoles@OCC.edu
Ext. 2714

Bowers, Kathy
     Administrative Assistant to the President
Email: KBowers@OCC.edu
Ext. 2004

Bowland, Dr. Terry
     Faculty/New Testament and Ministry
Email: TBowland@OCC.edu
Ext. 2408

Branstine, Lacey
     Financial Aid/Counselor
Email: Branstine.Lacey@OCC.edu
Ext. 2043

Brubaker, Dr. Brian
     Faculty/New Testament and Ministry
Email: BBrubaker@OCC.edu
Ext. 2508

Brust, Kelsey
     Student Life/Campus Ministry Assistant
Email: Brust.Kelsey@OCC.edu
Ext. 2107

Buckland, Peter
     Faculty/Christian Education and Family Ministry
Email: PBuckland@OCC.edu
Ext. 2652

Bujarski, Mark
     Admissions/Counselor - Orange Zone
Email: OrangeZone@OCC.edu

Butler, Marley
     Admissions/Recruitment Services Assistant
Email: Recruitment@OCC.edu
Ext. 2034

Camp, Del
     Student Life/Dennis Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2602

Camp, Kim
     Student Life/Dennis Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2602

Christian, Mark
Email: Christian.Mark@OCC.edu

Claborn, Ryan
Email: Ryan.Claborn@CIY.com

Conklin, Norman
     Student Life/Mabee Student Center Manager
Email: Conklin.Norman@OCC.edu
Ext. 2370

Dalrymple, Jim
     Associate Director of College Relations
Email: Dalrymple.Jim@OCC.edu
Ext. 2104

Davis, Bryan
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

DeFazio, Cassandra
     Learning Center/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2725

DeFazio, Michael
     Faculty/New Testament and Hermeneutics
Email: Defazio.Michael@OCC.edu
Ext. 2660

Dewell, Justin
     Preaching Department/Student Assistant
Email: Dewell.Justin@My.OCC.edu
Ext. 2723

DeWelt, Dr. Chris
     Director of Intercultural Studies, Faculty/New Testament
Email: CDeWelt@OCC.edu
Ext. 2503

Deyoe, Lyndsey
     Learning Center/Administrative Assistant
Email: Deyoe.Lyndsey@My.OCC.edu
Ext. 2725

Dickey, Matt
     College Technology/Technical Help
Email: Help@OCC.edu
Ext. 2111

Duncan, David
     Vice President of Development
Email: Duncan.David@OCC.edu

Edwards, Pam
     Data Processing/Systems Operator
Email: PEdwards@OCC.edu
Ext. 2005

Elles, Kristen
     Frontline and Chapel Services/Student Assistant
Email: Frontline@OCC.edu
Ext. 2405

Enabnit, Nick
     Admissions Counselor - Yellow Zone
Email: YellowZone@OCC.edu
Ext. 2083

Engelbrecht, Jay
     Faculty/English and Physical Education
Email: Engelbrecht.Jay@OCC.edu
Ext. 2507

Engelbrecht, Sharon
     Student Life/Counselor, Faculty/Counseling
Email: Engelbrecht.Sharon@OCC.edu
Ext. 2050

English, Jill
     College Relations/Administrative Assistant to the VP of College Relations
Email: JEnglish@OCC.edu
Ext. 2100

Eubanks, Linda
     Development Administrative Assistant
Email: Eubanks.Linda@OCC.edu
Ext. 2031

Fish, David
     Faculty/Old Testament and Language, Director of Academic Computing Lab
Email: DFish@OCC.edu
Ext. 2716

Fluharty, Delberta
     Library/Audio-Visual Supervisor
Email: Fluharty.Delberta@OCC.edu
Ext. 2712

Fluharty, Kurt
     College Technology/Electronic Technician
Email: KFluharty@OCC.edu
Ext. 2152

Gale, Danon
     Student Life/Food Services/Director
Email: FoodService@OCC.edu
Ext. 2300

Gardner, Kellie
     Admissions Counselor (Blue Zone)
Email: BlueZone@OCC.edu
Ext. 2085

Gardner, Mary Alice
     Faculty/Deaf Communications
Email: MGardner@OCC.edu
Ext. 2505

Gibson, Brian
     Intercultural Studies/Visiting Intercultural Professor
Email: Gibson.Brian@OCC.edu
Ext. 2850

Gibson, Stacey
     Intercultural Studies/Visiting Intercultural Professor
Email: Gibson.Stacey@OCC.edu
Ext. 2850

Giltner, Paula
     College Relations/Artist
Email: PGiltner@OCC.edu
Ext. 2659

Green, Mary
     Drama, Production and Technical Coordinator, Faculty/Drama/Part-Time
Email: MGreen@OCC.edu
Ext. 2406

Greer, Judy
     Food Services/Assistant Dessert Cook
Ext. 2300

Greer, Kevin
     Student Life/Campus Minister, Faculty/Student Ministry
Email: Greer.Kevin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2035

Griffin, Gerald
     Faculty/Speech and Old and New Testament
Email: Griffin.Gerald@OCC.edu
Ext. 2506

Hafer, Greg
     Faculty/Speech and Christian Life
Email: GHafer@OCC.edu
Ext. 2513

Hall, Tab
     Athletics/Women's Basketball Coach

Handley, Karla
     Faculty/English and Music/Part-Time
Email: Handley.Karla@OCC.edu
Ext. 2411

Handley, Scott
     Faculty/Director of Music Department
Email: Handley.Scott@OCC.edu
Ext. 2404

Hayward, Rhonda
     Student Life/Goodman Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2601

Hayward, Steve
     Student Life/Goodman Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2601

Heath, Bob
     Bookstore/Manager, Purchasing Agent
Email: Heath.Bob@OCC.edu
Ext. 2351

Helms, Rebecca
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

Henderson, Howell
     Physical Plant/Maintenance
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2202

Holderman, Drake
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Hollingsworth, Tesia
     Athletic Office/Assistant
Email: Hollingsworth.tesia@my.occ.edu
Ext. 2303

Holmes, Makenzie
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Holt, Matthew
Email: Holt.Matthew@OCC.edu
Ext. 2412

Humbyrd, Virgil
     Physical Plant/Grounds Supervisor
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2206

Hunter, John
     Library/Co-Director, Reference Assistant
Email: Hunter.John@OCC.edu
Ext. 2708

Hupp, Elke
     College Relations/Student Assistant
Email: CRA@OCC.edu
Ext. 2108

Hurley, Travis
     Associate Director of Development
Email: Hurley.Travis@OCC.edu

Kakac, Judie
     Student Life/Alumni Hall Residence Director
Email: JKakac@OCC.edu
Ext. 2600

King, Darrin
     Faculty/New Testament and Intercultural Studies
Email: King.Darrin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2500

Knarr, Kyle
     Food Services/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2300

Lahm, Chris
     Athletic Director/Men’s Basketball Coach
Email: Lahm.Chris@OCC.edu
Ext. 2301

Lahm, Dawn
     Administrative Assistant to the VP of Student Life
Email: Lahm.Dawn@OCC.edu
Ext. 2044

Landers, Wade
     Faculty/Intercultural Studies
Email: landers.wade@occ.edu

Lantz, Charlene
Email: Iriscml@hotmail.com
Ext. 2350

Larsson, Lisa
     Admissions/Campus Visit Coordinator
Email: CampusVisit@OCC.edu
Ext. 2081

Lawson, Linda
     Faculty/Christian Education, Women’s and Children’s Ministries
Email: Lawson.Linda@OCC.edu
Ext. 2706

Lawson, Dr. Tom
     Faculty/New Testament, History, Worship
Email: Lawson.Tom@OCC.edu
Ext. 2728

Lazarus, Janus
     Library/Technical Services Assistant
Email: Lazarus.Janus@OCC.edu
Ext. 2709

Lindsay, Jody
     Co-op Advisor & Liaison, Faculty/Christian Education
Email: Lindsay.Jody@OCC.edu
Ext. 2062

Lindsay, Shawn
     Associate Dean of Online Learning, Faculty/Christian Education
Email: Lindsay.Shawn@OCC.edu
Ext. 2007

Loving, Andrea
     Admissions/Counselor - Silver Zone
Email: SilverZone@OCC.edu

Lynn, Meridith
     Music Department/Administrative Assistant
Email: Lynn.Meridith@OCC.edu
Ext. 2400

Malone, Amy
Email: Malone.Amy@OCC.edu

Marcum, Jim
     Faculty/Distance Learning Facilitator
Email: JMarcum@OCC.edu

Martin, Kendall
     Intercultural Studies/Intern
Email: Missions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2509

McCarty, Bill
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

McCarty, Glenda
     Food Services/Salad Cook
Ext. 2300

McCarty, Ty
     College Technology/Webmaster and Technical Help
Email: McCarty.Ty@OCC.edu
Ext. 2101

McMillin, David
     Campus Operations/Vice President
Email: DMcMillin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2028

McMillin, Jennifer
     Registrar, Faculty
Email: JMcMillin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2018

Michael, Delores
     Food Services/Snack Bar and Operations Supervisor
Email: DMichael@OCC.edu
Ext. 2300

Miller, Doug
     Vice President of Effectiveness and General Counsel
Email: Miller.Doug@OCC.edu
Ext. 2011

Moore, Katie
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Morrow, Becky
     Financial Aid/Counselor
Email: Morrow.Becky@OCC.edu
Ext. 2027

Moyers, Rebekah
     Student Life Office Assistant
Ext. 2013

Negron, Ashley
     Director of Enrollment Services
Email: Negron.Ashley@OCC.edu
Ext. 2033

Nelson, Tammy
     Faculty/Music Teacher
Email: Nelson.Tammy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2434

Nelson, Troy
     Admissions/Vice President, Faculty/Christian Life
Email: Nelson.Troy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2006

Parrish, Cole
     Admissions Counselor - Green Zone
Email: GreenZone@OCC.edu
Ext. 2089

Pease, Wayne
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

Pechawer, Dr. Larry
     Faculty/Old Testament and Hebrew
Email: LPechawer@OCC.edu
Ext. 2705

Phillips, Kendra
     Financial Aid/Office Assistant
Email: Phillips.Kendra@OCC.edu
Ext. 2009

Piercy, Justin
     Technology Department/Technical Help
Email: Help@OCC.edu
Ext. 2156

Piercy, Lea Ann
     Student Life/Boatman Hall Resident Director
Email: Piercy.LeaAnn@OCC.edu
Ext. 2605

Piercy, Mitch
     College Technology/Director
Email: MPiercy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2150

Pittman, Rachel
     Events/Student Assistant
Email: Events.Assistant@OCC.edu
Ext. 2102

Pommert, Rob
     Faculty/Music Instructor
Email: RPommert@OCC.edu
Ext. 2433

Proctor, Matt
     President of Ozark Christian College, Faculty/New Testament and Preaching
Email: Pres@OCC.edu
Ext. 2004

Ragsdale, Chad
     Assistant Academic Dean, FacultyBible
Email: Ragsdale.Chad@OCC.edu
Ext. 2103

Reynolds, Lacy
     Student Life/Williamson Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2604

Reynolds, Seth
     Student Life/Williamson Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2604

Richardson, Donna
     Business Office/Accounts Payable
Email: DRichardson@OCC.edu
Ext. 2020

Robertson, Jeff
     Faculty/Coordinator of Consortium for Christian Online Education
Email: Robertson.Jeff@OCC.edu
Ext. 2656

Rojas, Diana
     Mail Center/Coordinator
Email: DRojas@OCC.edu
Ext. 2380

Runyon, Tim
     Physical Plant/Director
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2201

Sargent, Cheryl
     Financial Aid/Counselor
Email: Sargent.Cheryl@OCC.edu
Ext. 2017

Scantlin, Linda
     Bookstore/Assistant Manager, Purchasing Clerk
Email: Scantlin.Linda@OCC.edu
Ext. 2352

Schaeffer, Marcus
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Scheuermann, Jessica
     Director of the Learning Center
Email: Scheuermann.Jessica@OCC.edu
Ext. 2707

Scheuermann, Ryan
     Physical Plant/Carpenter
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2205

Scott, Mark
     Faculty/Preaching and New Testament, Director of Preaching
Email: Scott.Mark@OCC.edu
Ext. 2723

Shoemake, Monte
     Vice President of Student Life, Faculty/Christian Life
Email: Shoemake.Monte@OCC.edu
Ext. 2012

Shultz, Sammi
     Admissions/Enrollment Services Assistant
Email: Shultz.Sammi@My.OCC.edu
Ext. 2029

Skaggs, Ron
     Faculty/Creation & Science and History
Email: RSkaggs@OCC.edu
Ext. 2302

Sloneker, Mark
     Library/Co-Director, Cataloger, Faculty/History
Email: MSloneker@OCC.edu
Ext. 2713

Sloneker, Mindy
     Library/Circulation Supervisor
Email: Sloneker.Mindy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2700

Spikereit, Damien
     Executive Vice President, Faculty/Preaching and New Testament
Email: Spikereit.Damien@OCC.edu
Ext. 2052

Stafford, Joy
     Faculty/TESOL Coordinator
Email: Stafford.Joy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2416

Stafford, Matt
     Faculty/Frontline Director, Worship and Campus Ministry
Email: Stafford.Matt@OCC.edu
Ext. 2403

Stammer, Kathy
     Business Office/Accountant
Email: KStammer@OCC.edu
Ext. 2016

Stanley, Paula
     Assistant Registrar
Email: Stanley.Paula@OCC.edu
Ext. 2015

Stansberry, Jerry
     Physical Plant/Custodial Supervisor
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

Storms, Amy
     Strong Hall Residence Director (Full-Time) and Coordinator of Community Relations (Part-Time)
Email: Storms.Amy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2603 (dorm) & 2008 (College Relations)

Storms, Andy
     Student Life/Strong Hall Residence Director
Email: Storms.Andy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2603

Stroud, Krystin
     The Ministry Center Administrative Assistant
Email: Stroud.Krystin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2019

Surina, Alex
     Admissions Counselor - Red Zone
Email: RedZone@OCC.edu
Ext. 2090

Tamerius, Creighton
     Admissions/Campus Host
Email: Admissions@OCC.edu
Ext. 2022

Taylor, Kristin
     Admissions/Applications Processor
Ext. 2088

Thamert, Jolynn
     Food Services/Lead Evening Cook
Ext. 2300

Thompson, Karen
     Food Services/Cashier
Ext. 2300

Towne, Joanne
     Food Services/Breakfast and Alternative Line Cook
Email: JTowne@OCC.edu
Ext. 2300

Walker, Glen
     Food Services/Sous-Chef
Email: FoodServices@OCC.edu
Ext. 2300

Walker, Skip
     Athletics/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Wallis, Janice
     Morning Receptionist/Switchboard
Ext. 0

Wammack, Willie
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2206

Welch, Doug
     New Testament and Doctrine
Email: Welch.Doug@OCC.edu
Ext. 2651

Welch, Judy
     Business Office/Bookkeeper
Email: Welch.Judy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2025

Welch, Lyle
Email: Welch.Lyle@OCC.edu
Ext. 2717

Welch, Teresa
     Faculty/Christian Education and Ministry
Email: Welch.Teresa@OCC.edu
Ext. 2045

Wendt, Karl
Email: Wendt.Karl@OCC.edu

Wendt, Shannon
Email: KSWendt@hotmail.com

West, Bob
     Physical Plant/Custodial
Email: PPD@OCC.edu
Ext. 2203

Wheat, Gary
     Data Processing/Coordinator
Email: GWheat@OCC.edu
Ext. 2010

Whisman, Kevin
Email: Whisman.Kevin@OCC.edu

White, Chris
     Online Learning Technologist
Email: White.Chris@OCC.edu
Ext. 2048

White, Lisa
     Student Life/Dean of Women, Faculty/Business
Email: White.Lisa@OCC.edu
Ext. 2014

Whyte, Susan
     Development/Project Manager
Email: Whyte.Susan@OCC.edu
Ext. 2023

Wilkinson, Dr. Woody
     Faculty/Old and New Testament and Philosophy
Email: WWilkinson@OCC.edu
Ext. 2504

Wilson, Justin
     Physical Plant/Maintenance Supervisor
Ext. 2202

Witte, Bob
     Faculty, Director of the Ministry Center
Email: Witte.Bob@OCC.edu
Ext. 2058

Witte, Lisa
     Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean
Email: Witte.Lisa@OCC.edu
Ext. 2121

Wolfe, Jeremey
     Student Life/Counselor
Email: Wolfe.Jeremey@OCC.edu
Ext. 2044

Wood, Sara
     Student Life/Campus Nurse, Faculty/Nursing
Email: Wood.Sara@OCC.edu
Ext. 2360

Wood, Shane J.
     Professor of New Testament
Email: Wood.Shane@OCC.edu
Ext. 2661

Wood, Tammy
     Intercultural Studies/Administrative Assistant
Email: Wood.Tammy@OCC.edu
Ext. 2502

Wright, Kristin
     Director of Recruitment Services
Email: Wright.Kristin@OCC.edu
Ext. 2030

Zustiak, Dr. Gary
Email: Zustiak.Gary@OCC.edu
Ext. 2715