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OCC News

Posted: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM -- Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition Photos
Here are the before/after photos of the classroom changes made possible through the Alumni Project.

Posted: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM -- Luke Everett To Speak On Campus
On Tuesday, Oct. 30, come hear special guest speaker Luke Everett and see the movie about his family's life journey.

Posted: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM -- Light In a Dark Place
One good teacher can make all the difference in a student’s life.

Posted: 8/8/2012 8:00:00 AM -- Homework, Hugs & Hope: Just One Shelby Davis Frakes

Posted: 8/8/2012 8:00:00 AM -- Thankful For the Day: Wade Lowrey

Posted: 4/30/2012 8:00:00 AM -- 40 Days of Prayer

Posted: 3/1/2012 12:00:00 PM -- Bullet -- Preachers Teaching Others To Preach (PDF)
Do you believe there is power to save through the bold preaching of God’s word?I do. In fact, I believe that the Word of God preached can literally save a life in an instant. Here’s why…

Posted: 11/16/2011 4:30:00 PM -- 2011 Fall Letter - Curtis King (PDF)

Posted: 8/10/2011 12:00:00 PM -- Nick Parsons: A Man of Disaster (PDF)
OCC alum Nick Parsons knows disaster--and how God can be glorified in the midst of tragedy.

Posted: 7/7/2011 12:00:00 PM -- Your Church Or Ministry Is In Trouble (PDF)
PDF for David Duncan's 2011 NACC workshop.

Posted: 7/7/2011 11:55:00 AM -- In the Midst of the Storm (PDF)
Stories of the Joplin Tornado and the Presence of God.

Posted: 5/12/2011 12:00:00 PM -- 2011 Spring Graduate Highlights (PDF)
Ben Cross, Megan Harney, James M. Mwirigi and Shelby Philip.  Spring 2011 graduates who will be changing the world for Christ!

Posted: 5/12/2011 4:30:00 PM -- 2011 Spring Appeal Letter (PDF)
See if I’m reading this right -- you have expectations of Ozark Christian College. You invest your time, finances and prayers with us and you expect a certain return on that investment.