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Ministry Openings and Internships

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The information below is from a church or organization that has presented a job or internship opening to Ozark Christian College. For more information about this opening please contact the church or organization directly through the contact information which is given below.


This is a Full-Time position with Burkesville First Christian Church in Burkesville, Kentucky.

Job Requirements:
 The job duties include: 1.) Preaching and Teaching: •Plan, prepare, oversee, and deliver a Bible-based, life-relevant sermon at worship service. •Teach a Sunday School class as necessary. •Teach and participate in Wednesday night Bible Study. •Provide time for your own spiritual growth. •Coordinate and schedule visiting speakers whom he believes will benefit the congregation as a whole. 2.) Evangelism: •Contact prospective new members after their first attendance. •Offer an invitation at the end of each worship service. •Meet with and help new Christians develop their faith. •Call on prospective (repeat) attendees about membership. •Plan and participate in new and unique church events that help build Church/Community relationships. 3.) Pastoral care: •Visit hospitalized members on a regular basis. •Visit shut-in members. •Offer counseling options, to members as needed. •Perform weddings and funerals for members and non-members of the congregation as needed. •Provide one-on-one teaching opportunities as needed. •Spend time in prayer and distribute prayer requests to the Elders and prayer chain as needed. 4.) Administration and Supervision: •Serve as primary administrative agent for the congregation on behalf of the Elders. •Develop and implement programs for use in worship services or other functions at the church. •Be mindful of the church budget and monitor master calendar. •Work with the Elders to recognize, encourage, and grow potential leaders in the church. 5.) Diplomacy: •Maintain good communication and working relationships with the leaders of all standing teams. •Solicit suggestions for programming and other topics from the Elders and team members. •Demonstrate flexibility in incorporating others’ ideas into congregational planning. •Exhibit approachable character. 6.) Technology: •Oversee the church social media and ensure the timely dissemination of church information. •Oversee the production of videos for use in worship and/or teaching •Develop weekly Church Bulletin for Worship Service. 7.) Community outreach: •Serve as First Christian Church's link to other church organizations and programs (i.e., local ministers meetings, etc). •Participate in church food pantry outreach as necessary. •Propose and implement other possible community outreach opportunities. •Promote shared programs with other congregations. •Promote and organize Vacation Bible School. 

Application Requirements:
 Send resume and cover letter to Search Committee Chairperson, Dennis Smith at:  

Church / Organization Description:
 Burkesville First Christian Church is looking for a full time minister. Burkesville is a sleepy little town of 2,000 situated on the Cumberland River in South Central Kentucky. We are a community oriented church with a strong, and growing, youth program. We also present many activities that include the public (ex. plays, charity motorcycle ride, missions, and a large Vacation Bible School). We are always looking to expand our community outreach activities. This is a great place to raise a family. A minister with a wife as a partner, especially if she loves youth ministry, is what we are praying for. We have a very nice parsonage and, we feel, a competitive employment package, especially for a small church in a small town. We have great local schools, a great community and we are confident God is sending us a loving family to minister to our church. Send resume and cover letter to Search Committee Chairperson, Dennis Smith at:  

Number of Employees: 1-5

Average Attendance Range: 26-100

Contact Information:
Name: Dennis Smith
Mail to: Burkesville First Christian Church, PO Box 543, Burkesville, KY 42717 
Web site: Facebook- "Burkesville First Christian Church"