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Ministry Openings and Internships

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The information below is from a church or organization that has presented a job or internship opening to Ozark Christian College. For more information about this opening please contact the church or organization directly through the contact information which is given below.


This is a Full-Time position with Mill Springs Christian Church in Monticello , Kentucky.

Job Requirements:
 Qualifications: •Education Level- minimum of four years from an accredited Restoration Movement Bible College or Seminary. •Has a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and nurtures his inner self through a disciplined life of daily fellowship with God in prayer and Bible study. •Possesses high morals with integrity with a competence in organization, administration and interpersonal relationships. •Excels in effective oral and written communications with an ability to meet the needs of a broad based congregation. •Position is open for bi-vocational and can be full time as well. •Set office hours depending on work schedule if applicable, but also be involved with members and community whenever possible. Ministry Description: •Sunday morning preaching at weekly service. •Be involved in community and ministry with local churches and organizations. •Work with Leadership team in the organizational structure of the church’s ministries. •Teach a Sunday School Class for Youth. •Build a Youth Ministry for Mill Springs as one of the focal points of the church. •Create and teach a Discovering Mill Springs Christian Church class. •Develop and create a mission statement core values for MSCC along with Leadership team. •Train and teach leadership to prospective and current leaders of the church. •Visit the members and their families as needs arise. •Be involved in home group studies as needed and spur church growth.

Application Requirements:
 Please submit all applications to or call 606-307-1391.

Church / Organization Description:
 Christian Church with average Sunday attendance of 50.

Average Attendance Range: 26-100

Contact Information:
Name: Kevin Jones
Phone: 606-307-1391
Mail to: 8575 East Hwy 90, Monticello, KY 42633