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Ministry Openings and Internships

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The information below is from a church or organization that has presented a job or internship opening to Ozark Christian College. For more information about this opening please contact the church or organization directly through the contact information which is given below.

Youth Minister

This is a Full-Time position with First Christian Church in Richland, Missouri.

Job Requirements:
 We are looking for a Youth Minister who will work with elementary, junior high, and high school aged young people....leading them to Christ and helping them to grow and mature in Him. The salary is in the $30,000 per year range.

Application Requirements:
 Please send a resume with references to: First Christian Church, P.O. Box 376, Richland, Mo 65556 or email information to:

Number of Employees: 1-5

Average Attendance Range: 101-200

Contact Information:
Name: Johnny Smith
Phone: 573-433-4541
Mail to: First Christian Church, P.O. Box 376, Richland, MO 65556 
Web site: