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2014 Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumni Award:
Don & Fran Smith

Alumni Awards - 2014 Smiths close-upDon & Fran grew up in the Liberal, Missouri area.  Fran attended Ozark from 1968-1969. Don earned Ozark's BSL degree in May of 1970.

Married on January 13, 1968, Don & Fran moved to Pittsburg, Kansas in 1978 to begin working with Campus Christians.  For 36 consecutive years they've been faithfully proclaiming the grace of God to college students.  Over the course of time their ministry has focused like a laser beam to especially reach out to the many international students at Pitt State.  PSU has an international student population of 469, representing 37 countries and every continent except Antarctica.  Don is known around the PSU campus as "The International Student’s Best Friend."  PSU and the PSU Alumni Assoc. honored him with their Distinguished Service Award in 2012.

OCC President Matt Proctor congratulates our honorees:  "The secular university campus can be both a fertile mission field and a far off country for prodigals.  Don and Fran, in your campus ministry, you have encouraged countless believing students not to wander away from the Father, and you have reached so many unbelieving students with the good news of Jesus Christ.   Because of your special focus on reaching international students, you have lived out the Great Commission to reach all nations without even having to leave Southeast Kansas.   Your example of faithfulness, your evangelistic heart, and your shepherding ministry to those walking through their formative college years are to be commended.   Thank you for serving Christ on campus!"

Congratulations Don & Fran!