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Ministry Openings and Internships

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The information below is from a church or organization that has presented a job or internship opening to Ozark Christian College. For more information about this opening please contact the church or organization directly through the contact information which is given below.

Youth Minister

This is a Full-Time position with Church of Christ at Hagerstown in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Job Requirements:
We are looking for a point leader and strategic overseer of the children's and student’s ministry.  This person will equip and lead our church in relation to all church programs and activities that involve our children and students. Responsibilities Include the following: 1. Evaluate our current programs, providing suggestions to improve our programs and implementing the programs.  This would include programs such as Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Children’s Christmas Program, etc. 2. Developing and coordinate all activities for our children and students.  3. Provide leadership and oversee Children's Church (with the assistance of current and future volunteers) during main worship hour. 4. Preaching at least one Sunday a quarter. 5. Coordinate youth participation on family Sunday. 6. Plan and schedule activities (service and fun), which promote fellowship, outreach, relationship building, service and spiritual growth, and include supporting camp programs. 7. Work directly with church leadership to support, grow and develop our children and students at Church of Christ Hagerstown.

Application Requirements:
Qualifications: (1) A spiritually mature man who reflects leadership character traits of 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1. (2) Someone who loves God and loves kids.  Someone who is passionate about helping children, students, and their families grow in their relationship with God. (3) A focus on reaching families through every aspect of the ministry. (4) A highly effective, self-motivated leader who energizes and mobilizes others. (a "Principal" more than a "classroom teacher").  (5) A person with an undergraduate degree with a concentration in Biblical studies along with continuing training and development. (6) Solid organizational skills for planning, budgeting, delegation, and meeting deadlines.

Church / Organization Description:
Youth Ministry Leader

Number of Employees: 1-5

Average Attendance Range: 101-200

Contact Information:
Name: Caleb Hill
Phone: 301-573-5044
Mail to: 10014 White Hall Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21740 
Web site: