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Student Highlight:
Ty Stinson

 Photo - Ty Stinson"I came to Ozark this past January, after becoming a Christian in my senior year while involved in the high school football program.  When my minister, Scott Greer (Ozark Grad, '77), brought me up last fall for a tour, I fell in love with the place.  The guys in the dorm were so welcoming.  Besides the opportunity for a Christian education, there was an obvious sense of community that I wanted to be part of, too.

"My love for videography has helped me plug in at OCC.  I help with the recording of chapel sessions and I also assist area youth groups with their video needs.  If you made it to this year's Living Christmas Tree program, you would have seen me on stage.  That was a blast!"

To Ozark friends like you, Ty says, "To the partners who pray and give - please know that your generosity is greatly appreciated.  I feel like your gifts go so much further than just to Ozark, because an investment in student training for ministry means an investment in the people we minister to as well.  Know, also, that as much as we appreciate your generosity, we appreciate your prayers even more.  Thank you!"

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Thank you for your partnership - together you and Ozark are reaching the world for Christ, one leader at a time!