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Student Highlight:
 Taylor Love

Photo - Taylor LoveHometown: Cameron, MO

Home Church: First Baptist Church

Major: Music Ministry

"I had a high school friend who attended Ozark. After my first campus visit, I just knew I needed to be here also."

"The relationships I am making and the education I am receiving is incredible. There are many amazing people on the campus and everyone has something to teach us. I've been especially blessed knowing Scott and Karla Handley in the music department."

"I've learned at Ozark that God doesn't sit around waiting for us to decide we are ready to be used - He puts us in places to be used now. I need to always be prepared for whatever opportunity comes my way. For example, Wade Lowrey one of the Dorm Dad's, asked me to help with the music at a church that only sings hymns. So I've been learning them on the piano and that's been a real good thing for me."

Find out how YOU too can be Just One to make a difference in the world for Christ!

"Thank you for taking time to invest in people's lives even though you may never meet them in this lifetime. I'm grateful for your faithfulness to God and for your support of the work of His Kingdom."

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