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Student Highlight:
Bryce Hotchkiss

Photo - Bryce HotchkissHometown: Port Charlotte, FL

Home Church: New Day Christian

Major: BTh, Preaching

"During my junior year I started preaching at Sheldon Christian Church. This congregation sees itself as a "student minister" church - and they are very patient and encouraging people. It is a great context in which to learn to be a minister."

"I'm in my fifth and final year at Ozark and really looking forward to the classes I have left. My classes and professors have enabled me to be a better minister and communicator of God's word."

"I really enjoyed my Hermeneutics class where I was taught to interpret and understand the Bible and then how to communicate it to others. Understanding the historical background allows me to better apply it to our own world."

Find out how YOU too can be Just One to make a difference in the world for Christ!

"Thank you for the opportunity your support has given me to receive the education that is so pivotal to me in becoming a good preacher and minister."

Bryce receives general fund scholarships - made possible by your financial support. Make a gift today to help Bryce and hundreds of others training for ministry.

Thank you for your partnership - together you and Ozark are reaching the world for Christ, one leader at a time!