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 Saturday September 19, 2015 "Team Leadership Conference" is a one-day conference for ministers, church staff, elders/deacons, ministry teams, and volunteers. This conference allows everyone to come together to learn how to be a strong, cohesive unit to lead their church into the future. Time will be set aside for your team to discuss and integrate insights into your church setting.

Registration Fee is $25 per person  (NOTE: Lunch is not included--you will have time to eat off campus with your team) 

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"Leading the Multi-Generational Church"

Guest Speakers:

 Ben Merold & Brian Jobe
2015 Ben and Brian


8:00 am Registration Begins  
9:00 am Session 1  Brian Jobe  
10:15 am Break    
10:40 am Session 2  Ben Merold  
12:00 am Team networking lunch (not included)  
1:45 pm Session 3  Panel Discussion  
3:00 pm Breakout Groups
  • Worship Discussion
  • Preaching Discussion
  • Leadership Discussion
  • Senior Adult Care Discussion
  • Students & Children Discussion
  • Technology & Communication Discussion 
4:00 pm Head Home