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Karolyn Schrage

2011 Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumni Award

Karolyn Schrage"She has lived among the poor in Africa, she has taken in the orphan, she has treated the AIDS patient, she has served the single teenage mother, she has loved the lesbian who came in expecting at the crisis pregnancy center and she has protected the unborn baby in the womb," said President Matt Proctor.

RHODESIA: When she was less than two years old she traveled on a tanker to Rhodesia (now Zimabwe) with her missionary parents, Ziden and Helen Nutt.  "Her desire to serve the poor and disenfranchised came early in life," wrote her husband Mike, "and you have never lost the art of loving and helping others."

KENYA:  She spent thirteen years in Africa growing up and then after her marriage to Mike Schrage, they went to Kenya, Africa and served nearly 20 years.  During that time they started 127 churches and baptized over 7,000 folks, started two vocational training schools, numerous nursery schools, a medical clinic and a children's home.

LIFECHOICES:  Three months after returning to the US, September 2003, she started at LifeChoices, a medical clinic and resource center in Joplin.  She later became medical director and finally in 2008 executive director.  LifeChoices today is nationally recognized and has received awards for its innovative, integrated ministry services.  

SERVICES:  LifeChoices specializes in sexually transmitted disease testing, community outreach to junior high, high school and colleges through Virtuous Reality programs, pregnancy tests, abstinence counsel, ultrasounds and parenting instruction classes.

ULTRASOUND:  Karolyn said, “Many pregnant and sexually active women arrive at LifeChoices with conflicting thoughts about life.  The visible flicker of a tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound reveals the uncompromised truth of life.”  Nine out of ten “abortion-vulnerable” clients choose life when they’ve seen their preborn child.

Matt Proctor added, “In the face of the littlest and the lowest, the forsaken and the forgotten, she has seen the person of Christ.  Time and time again she has picked up the basin and towel to wash the feet of the least of these.  Because she has seen Christ in others, we have seen Christ in her.”

CONGRATULATIONS KAROLYN for your compassion for God’s children around the world