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Rehearsal Week -- June 12-17, 2015
Tour Week -- June 18 - June 28, 2015
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All it takes to change your life forever?  17 Days!

Highest Praise is an seventeen-day, intense taste of ministry. Following six days of rehearsals, the group leaves for an eleven-day tour of the United States presenting a message through music and drama in churches and communities. Through this ministry, talents developed in high school bands, choirs and drama departments throughout the U.S. are used for God's glory and to present His message. It's an incredible, life-changing experience.

The director for the tour this summer will be Scott Handley, Director of the OCC Music Department. Doug Pogue, OCC Alumnus and Music Minister, will be assistant director.  High school students interested in applying for next year's group may contact the music department at OCC by calling 417.626.1234, ext. 2400, or by obtaining downloading the application form.

 LogoWhat can happen in 17 days? Music, ministry, making new friends, making memories, improving your abilities, traveling to new places, sharing your talent, deepening your relationship with God and sharing your faith. 17 days that will change your life forever!

The application deadline for the 2015 summer program is January 26, 2015. 

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Download the application form! 

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