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60th Annual Women's Conference

Into Your Hands 

Friday - Saturday
April 11-12, 2014

Registration Now Open >>
No Registration Fee! 

Banquet tickets may be purchased at Registration on Friday, April 11 for $8.00. 
2014 speaker - Julie Gariss
Julie Gariss
2014 speaker - Katie Gariss Marsh
Katie Gariss Marsh
2014 speaker - Megan Gariss
Megan Gariss
Worship Leader
2014 worship - Mandie Pinto
Mandie Pinto

UPDATED Conference Schedule:

Friday  April 11th  Location 
5:00 PM Registration Chapel
7:00 PM Main Session 1:
Into Your Hands I Commit My Insecurities 
9:00 PM Late Night Fun Dining Hall
Saturday  April 12th  Location 
9:00 AM Workshops  
10:00 AM Main Session 2:
Into Your Hands I Commit My Thoughts
11:30 AM Workshops  
12:30 PM Banquet with Gladys Frump MPB
2:00 PM Main Session 3:
Into Your Hands I Commit My Dreams 
4:00 PM Head Home  

WORKSHOPS (Offered at 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM)

  • Into Your Hands, Lord, I Commit My Marriage -- Stacey Spikereit
    • Discover the importance of finding purpose for your marriage.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Manage My Time -- Dena Hurley and Kelly Schoenbauer-Sales
    • Feel overwhelmed and stressed? Do you say “yes” when you ought to say “no”? Hear practical ways to help you decided what to do and when to do it.
  • Into Your Hands, Lord, I Commit My Need -- Rhonda Hayward, Bonnie Henady, Rene McCarty, Shelley Welch
    • Struggling? You are not alone! This “workshop” is simply a place to receive one-on-one prayer and encouragement from Christian sisters.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Welcome Others -- Cindy Dagnan
    • A humorous and practical manual of hospitality for our family friends and angels unaware. Includes tradition making and decorating.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Minister to Women -- Linda Lawson
    • In an era of extreme technological connections, people are lonelier than ever...especially women. This workshop will focus on truly connecting Christian women of all ages.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Raise Your Children -- Beth DeFazio
    • Encouragement, exhortation, and even a few good laughs to refresh tired moms.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Lead Children to Know You -- Dr. Teresa Welch
    • Steps and strategies for leading a child to Christ.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Honor You with My Gifts -- Jody Lindsay
    • Discover your spiritual gifts and how to use them in the Kingdom.
  • Into Your Hands, Lord, I Commit My Finances -- Lindsey Bell
    • Hear practical tips that could help you save hundreds of dollars on your next trip to the grocery store.
  • Use My Hands, Lord, to Bless My Grandchildren -- Deb Hafer
    • What’s even better than being a mother? Being a grandmother!

ASL Interpretation Symbol ASL interpretation will be available at all the main sessions.