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61st Annual Women's Conference

2015 Theme: Life in a Word 

Friday - Saturday
April 10-11, 2015

 $10 Registration Includes Lunch!




2015 Speaker: Carla Scott
Carla Scott
2015 Speaker: Beth DeFazio
Beth DeFazio

Worship Leader

2015 Worship: Mandie Pinto
Mandie Pinto

2015 Conference Schedule:

Friday  April 10th  Location 
5:00 PM Registration Chapel
7:00 PM Main Session 1 Chapel
8:30 PM Late Night Fun Dining Hall
Saturday  April 11th  Location 
9:00 AM Main Session 2 Chapel
10:30 AM Workshops Chapel
11:30 AM Luncheon and Panel Discussion  
1:30 PM Workshops  
2:30 PM Main Session 3 Chapel
4:00 PM Head Home  

WORKSHOPS (Offered at 10:30 AM & 1:30 PM)

Printable workshop list >> 

  • Insignificant/Valued -- Amy Storms (M35/37)
    Who are you? Most of our struggles stem from not knowing who we are in Christ, or from not believing what He says about us. This workshop explores the reasons behind our identity struggle and offers help in moving from insignificant to valued—from unknown to known.

  • Ordinary/Useful -- Jody Lindsay (M39)
    Mundane. Monotonous. Ordinary. Do these words ever describe how you feel about your life? Come explore how God chooses to work in the midst of the ordinary. Be encouraged by His ability to do the extraordinary through you.

  • Insecure/Secure -- DeeAnn Allen (M18)
    Out with the "IN" and in with the "NEW." Insecurity is a common struggle among women of all ages. This workshop explores the reasons behind our INsecurities and offers help in reNEWing our minds to live the life God intends.

  • Self-Centered/Serving -- Krystin Stroud (M16)
    Is your life centered on you, or on serving those around you? This workshop challenges you to move your life’s focus from yourself to something far greater. Follow the example and teachings of Jesus to take your life from self-centered to one of servanthood.

  • Critical/Encourager -- Dena Hurley (M34)
    In a world that views snark as an art form and sarcasm as evidence of wit, we easily end up judging and criticizing others as a matter of practice. Learn how to move past this hurdle into a life of lifting others up. This workshop explores practical ways to let go of our critical mindsets and live the encourager's life.

  • Anxious/Peaceful -- Holly Brock (M12)
    We are worriers. We worry about work, children, relationships, finances and health. Our hearts often fear failure, disappointment and more. But we have not been given a spirit of fear. Hear how God can transform us from women who worry into women who rest in His peace.

  • Seasons of Transition -- Kim Ensminger (M26)
    Change is inevitable, and we all experience changes in life. It’s is how we deal with these changes that matters. Learn how to trust in God through all of life’s changes—whether good or bad—so that you can glorify Him in every season.

  • Ministering in the Shades of Gray -- Melissa Smith (M36/38)
    In a world of sexual confusion, how do we draw all women to the well—to the spring of water welling up to eternal life? Learn ways to lead women to the hope and healing found in the Living Water, Jesus Christ—because only He satisfies.

  • Listening through Prayer -- Rhonda Hayward (M25)
    Can God hear me? This workshop teaches how to listen to what God is speaking to you. Rhonda will share her journey of how learning to listen to God has molded her life. Be encouraged by a woman who understands what it means to revel in the presence of the Lord.

ASL Interpretation Symbol ASL interpretation will be available at all the main sessions and selected workshops.

See our ASL video below for information of interest to our deaf community.