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International Focus Week 


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Tuesday - Wednesday, Feb. 3 - 4, 2015


International Focus Week is a time set aside to give the OCC student body a deeper understanding of the Great Commission's global aspect. God desires all people of all nations to have a loving relationship with His son, Jesus Christ.  Special speakers will bring messages focused on the theme for the week and workshops will be available covering various topics and themes in global missions. All activities for the week are open to the public.

2015 IFW Speaker: Dave ButtsOur special guest this year is the recent ICOM President, David Butts with Harvest Prayer Ministries.  He and his wife, Kim are Co-founders of Harvest Prayer Ministries and have written numerous books and resources on prayer.  They continually cooperate, collaborate and network within the national and international prayer community. As PRAYER will be our main focus this year, we ask that you partner with us now and begin praying for travel safety for the Butt’s and for hearts to be prepared for this amazing week!

Pre-Event Schedule:

Monday, February 2nd 

  • 7 pm -- Movie Night (Stu)


Tuesday, February 3rd 

  • 10 am -- Session 1 (Chapel)
  • 12:30 pm -- Prayer & Fasting (MPB Balcony)
  • 1:30 PM -- Session 2 (Chapel)
  • 7 - 9 pm -- Reception & Dedication (Chapel Balcony)

Wednesday, February 4th 

  • 8 am -- Session 3 (Chapel)
  • 9 am -- Session 4 (Chapel)
Movie Night
"A Separation"
 2015 IFW Worship Leader
Worship led by
Josh Huckabay