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Dr. Gary Zustiak

Faculty Full-Time
Ext. 2715

Classes Taught:

  • Counseling Youth
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Developmental Psychology
  • History of Ancient Israel 1
  • History of Ancient Israel 2
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Seminar in Administering and Interpreting the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis
  • Seminar in Christian Counseling (AACC Convention)
  • Seminar in Mental Health First Aid
  • Seminar in Suicide Intervention
  • Spiritual Formation Retreat
  • Youth Ministry Dynamics
  • Youth Ministry Dynamics

Speaking Topics:

Gary can be scheduled to speak at your church or organization on the following topics:

  • Biblical Interpretation (8 specific topics)
  • Church - Emerging/Emergent (8 specific studies)
  • Marriage Enrichment (6 specific studies)
  • New Testament Book - Revelation (6 specific studies)
  • Old Testament Book - Nehemiah (Leadership Principles)
  • Psychology and Counseling (12 specific topics)
  • Youth & Family (24 specific studies)

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Degrees Received:

  • Doctor of Ministry - D.Min - Abilene Christian University
  • Master of Divinity - M.Div - Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • Master of Arts - M.A. - Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts - B.A. - Boise Bible College

Ministry/Job History:

  • Ozark Christian College - 1986-1999, 2006 to present (Youth Ministry and Psychology and Counseling)
  • Christ In Youth - 1999-2006 (Director of Youth Ministry and Resources)
  • First Christian Church, Sandpoint, ID - 1982-1986 (Associate Minister --Youth and Counseling)
  • Broadwell Christian Church, Broadwell, IL - 1978-1982 (Minister)
  • First Christian Church, Emmett, ID - 1973-1977 (Youth Minister)

Writings and Publications:

  • The NeXt Generation: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Generation X and the Millennial Generation
  • Reasons to Believe
  • Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark: Changing Youth to Change the World

Personal Information:

Wife - Mary S. Zustiak
Children: Joshua Zustiak, Aaron Zustiak, Caleb Zustiak
Grandchildren: Alicia Zustiak, Levi Zustiak, Tyler Zustiak, Connor Zustiak, Darren Zustiak, Riley Zustiak, Kian Zustiak, Caroline Zustiak