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Welcome to the Intercultural Studies Department

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We want to share some information about who we are and what we are doing. God is at work in a wonderful way on our campus in the area of young people who are seriously considering how they can fit into His global picture.

Chris DeWelt is the Director of Intercultural Studies. He began teaching at OCC in the Fall of 1999 and has brought a wide range of experience including eight years on the mission field in the country of Chile. Chris served as president of the NMC in 2004 and actively serves as an adviser to a multitude of students, mission teams, and organizations.

Tammy Wood is currently serving as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Intercultural Studies.

Here are the four principles that form the framework of our program. The Intercultural Studies Department of OZARK CHRISTIAN COLLEGE is dedicated:

  1. TO PREPARE - To equip and prepare students who desire to serve God in cross-cultural mission work with the tools needed to begin the task.
  2. TO TRANSITION - To assist and catalyze the transition of gifted and equipped students in successful placement on the field.
  3. TO IMPASSION - To communicate in a clear and compelling manner, through words and acts, a passion for missions to the entire campus of OZARK CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, with the desire that everyone know the heart of God for a lost world.
  4. TO HOUSE - To provide a physical, attitudinal and spiritual environment where a microcosm of the world of missions can flourish and thrive.

If you have an interest in missions, either to serve cross-culturally or to send cross-culturally, we are here for you. There is a real excitement on campus to see the nations come to the throne of God.