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Deeper Life 

April 24-25, 2015 (9-12th Grades)

A Leadership Event for Student Leaders & Youth Sponsors.

COST: $35 ($25 by April 10, 2015) 

Housing guaranteed for the first 600 registered
For more info contact Elke Hupp at or 417-626-1234

Featured at Deeper Life:
 PREACHING FESTIVAL - This event will take place during Deeper Life. Seniors can earn a preaching scholarship! 

Register for Deeper Life today!

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Friday, April 24 

2:00 pm Preaching Festival  
4:00 pm Registration Opens Chapel
7:00 pm Main Session (Chad Ragsdale)                         Chapel
8:30 pm Group Discussion    Campus
9:30 am Hangout Activities (Hosted by OCC Camp Teams) Campus

Saturday, April 25 

8:15 am Deeper Experience (before breakfast)  Chapel 
8:30 am Deeper Solitude Campus
9:00 am Deeper Community (Communion & breakfast) Campus
9:45 am Deeper Worship Chapel
10:30 am Deeper Study (10 electives) Campus
11:30 am Lunch Dining Hall
1:00 pm Main Session (Matt Proctor) Chapel
2:30 pm Head Home       


 10:30 AM Deeper Study

History of youth ministry. K. Greer C18
History of ancient Israel. G. Zustiak      M34
My Father's house (John 14). K. Boles L15
Why did Jesus have to die? D. Welch M35
How can I change? P. Buckland M18
It's not the "Great Suggestion." T. Bowland M36
Deepest darkest Africa. D. King M39
Moves of God around the world. C. DeWelt M26
American literature and history. J. Scheuermann         M16
Why do you believe what you believe?    C. Ragsdale L13


General Teen Events Information 

Featured Speakers

Matt Proctor and

2015 Speaker - Matt Proctor  

Chad Ragsdale 

2015 Speaker -- Chad Ragsdale  

Worship led by:

 Group Photo 2014-2015 
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